Democrats File a Revenge Lawsuit

If you ever needed any evidence that we are a hyper-litigious society, the latest lawsuit should settle the issue. Seems like the Democratic National Committee under the leadership of the radical left – Chairman Tom Perez and Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison to be specific – has filed a lawsuit against Wikileaks, Russia, and the Trump campaign. It does not name the president personally.

They are basically claiming that they all conspired to undermine the election of Hillary Clinton. This is the latest in an evolving narrative on the Russian impact. You should recall that in the months following the election, virtually every authority, including the intelligence community, assured the American public that the Russian meddling had no influence on the outcome of the election.

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Over time, Democrats and the media began to spin that fact by stating they are not sure if the Ruskies influenced the election. They “may have.” More recently, the whining left has intimated that they “did” influence the vote and even that they stole the election for Trump. This is what I call a “media creep,” and it has been going as long as there was biased news media.

This suit is not likely to get too far in legal terms. First of all, it should be considered a frivolous suit and tossed out of court. Unfortunately, there are judges who would like to see this go forward for their own biased political reasons. Yes, Virginia, judges do have political biases.

The most obvious reason for the suit is to gin up political publicity – and the Democrats know that anything they do to question the legitimacy of the Trump administration will be gobbled up by the anti-Trump news media like turkey on Thanksgiving. The publicity value of the case is all those mendacious documents the lawyers will file with the court. Though lacking anything unknown to the general public, they will be used as vehicles to give old news and old narratives another run through the media pipeline. In the communications business, it is known as “manufactured news.”

Perez may also be hoping beyond hope that they might actually win some money. Even if the case were successful, we already know – and so does Perez — that the Russians and Wikileaks are beyond the reach of the collection agents. That leaves the Trump campaign. In that regard, we can speculate about how much could be collected, but it would be a waste of time since it is highly unlikely any money will ever change hands.

Perez may see it as a good fundraising tactic to help offset the dismal results of all the Democrats’ other fundraising efforts. One can surely understand Perez’s jealousy in seeing all those millions of dollars flowing to the Republicans while cobwebs are forming in his vault. It is not actually winning a settlement from the Trump campaign that provides the financial benefit. You can bet that the Democratic National Committee will be soliciting tons of money to pay for the lawsuit – which will not be excessively expensive since much of the legal work will be done pro bono – for the cause.

With this new development, the current political play is looking less like a melodrama and more like slapstick comedy. One can hardly wait to see all those Democrat politicians shedding their dignity and praising this sham tactic.

Maybe the GOP should counter the tactic with a lawsuit alleging a criminal conspiracy by the Clinton campaign in securing and promoting the dubious dossier. Or what if they joined with Bernie Sanders in suing for stealing the nomination. Silly, you say? Yes, but no sillier than what Perez has launched.

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