The Deep State Runs Your Life And You’re Allowing It

You walk around assuming you are free and independent in your thoughts, wants, and actions…but, in actuality you are far from free.

You have been controlled by a power higher than yourself since the day you were born, and you are still being controlled in a way that dictates your actions and desires.

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This power is not of a spiritual nature and it does not really care about you or your family. It cares about power and money and will do anything to get as much of it as it can.

What name does this entity go by? It’s called the Deep State and it consists of only a few high powered and very wealthy individuals who have had their hands in the fabric of America’s governmental policies since its founding days.

Presidents are selected by the Deep State

In a country so divided by race, have you ever wondered how an African-American became president of the United States for eight years—without an attempt on his life?

When you look at the history of women who former-President Barack Obama dated, as well as his circle of friends while in law school, it is easy to see that he seemingly related more to White individuals. He dated them, he hung out with them, and he smoked weed with them. It wasn’t until he began to prepare himself for the role of leadership that he settled with an African-American woman.

How perfect, given the fact that it created an image that was perfect for the American agenda at that time: Iraq.

Obama originally stated that he opposed the war in Iraq when he ran for the presidency in 2008. Everyone hoped that he would end the war in Afghanistan, but with less than one year left in the White House, he somehow remained entangled in both conflicts and even opened the door to new conflicts in Syria.

Oil is the name of the game and Obama was the BEST choice to begin the process of opening the channels of communication. He did what he was instructed to do by the higher powers, and then he left.

President Donald Trump

It should come as no surprise that some believe Donald Trump was also selected by the Deep State to satisfy a hidden agenda. Trump did not win on the popular vote. Instead, he claimed the presidency as a direct result of winning the Electoral College. This is interesting given the fact that this means Trump won as a direct result of being voted in by the very politicians on both the Democratic and Republican side that we voted into office.

Today, you have Democrats that cry bloody murder about his being in office, yet no one seems to question the fact that they are the very same individuals who put him there.

Were they told to do so by an entity greater than themselves? Is there a “greater good” for America that all political parties must act upon when in such positions?

When browsing the website, you will find that political parties on both ends agree on bills that are ultimately signed by Trump—legislation that never finds its way to the media, interesting enough.

Take the JUST Act bill that is now signed into law, for example. The new law stipulates that Jews are to receive reparations for land and money taken during the Holocaust. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted for this bill without question and they never raised public noise about the fact that their own people of color who voted them into office have been crying for reparations for hundreds of years.

It’s time to realize when strings are being pulled to manipulate and control you. We are currently divided in a nation that will soon benefit from the division, especially if our currency and police state can become one under one government.

Division promises that without unity among people, ANYTHING can step in and cause a fall for all involved. In other words, if Americans were unified and agreed upon what they wanted for their own best interest, it would leave little room for the Deep State to step in and impose its regulations and manipulations. Just a thought, but a thought worth having.

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