ISIS Murder Suspect Easily Enters US As A Refugee

The next time you hear a bleeding heart progressive lawmaker in the sanctuary state of California bemoan about the president’s cruel immigration policy, send them a copy of this article and remind them how lucky they were that this ISIS terrorist decided not to act on his insanity by blowing up someone.

Thankfully Omar Ameen was arrested before he could do any harm to American citizens in La La land on Wednesday on an outstanding murder warrant issued in Iraq, for the brutal killing of an Iraqi police officer.

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The ISIS terrorist immigrated to America by obtaining refugee status in Turkey. Then within just three weeks after obtaining refugee designation, the ISIS terrorist murdered an Iraqi police officer in the ISIS-controlled town of Rawah.

However before authorities could capture him, the Iraqi nationalist escaped and easily entered the U.S.  by simply lying on his United Nations applications.

According to the Justice Department in order to meet the physical safety requirement to qualify as a refugee, Ameen, 45, fabricated a tale that would make Director Steven Spielberg envious. The ISIS fighter concocted a story of his father being murdered while assisting the American military, and perhaps to add even more dimension to the tale, his brother was kidnapped by a terrorist group affiliated with the radical Imam Muqtada al Sadr.

Better yet, Ameen’s tall-tale wasn’t challenged during his interrogation by U.S. government officials. Perhaps as a reflection of Obama’s convoluted immigration policies; the ISIS fighter faced no rigorous questions and no cross-examination regarding any terror links, or criminal activity.

When specifically questioned about any terrorist ties he simply answered “no” regarding any links to either ISIS or al-Qaeda, and government officials simply took him at his word.

Perhaps with a little more vigorous interrogation, government officials might have uncovered Ameen’s bogus story concerning his made-up tale about his father and brother, which might have revealed his deception and hopefully additional questioning by government officials.

However once arrested for the alleged murder of the police officer, the facts concerning Ameen’s criminal past suddenly became known. According to documents received by the Justice Department, in 2004, before the rise of that brutal terror group, Ameen and his family helped start the terrorist group AQI. In addition to allegedly killing an Iraqi police officer, Ameen is suspected of planting explosives and committing terrorist acts near his hometown of Rawah.

Additionally, Ameen denied he had ever committed crimes in Iraq.

“In actuality,” according to the Justice Department, witnesses told the FBI that Ameen committed “numerous crimes ranging from robbery to placing [improvised explosive devices].”

“Ameen’s negative answers cut off a line of questioning relevant to his admissibility to the United States,” the Justice Department filing states.

“Based on the written and verbal answers given by Ameen, his refugee application was approved by USCIS on June 5, 2014.”

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