Medical Marijuana And The Government Pushers Who Get Paid From It

Long ago marijuana was considered a contributing factor to the opioid crisis. Studies were conducted nationally that partnered with advertisers and the government to try to convince the world that marijuana was unsafe.

Due to the “dangerous” effects of marijuana, government officials even attempted to make the punishment for the distribution of this drug more severe than the punishment for cocaine or methamphetamines.

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It was clear that this was a deadly drug that would end your life, or at least your freedom if you used it. Now we live in a society that has legal medical marijuana clinics throughout the nation. These days the government is working overtime to convince everyone that the drug is actually curbing the opioid crisis.

Sounds like the government finally found a way to get paid off the drug itself.

The proof is in the ‘medicated’ pudding

According to the Atlantic, marijuana laws led to over four million arrests beginning 1980, with many of those convicted receiving stiff prison terms that were in some cases stiffer than those of violent criminals.

The penalties for the selling or possession of marijuana were tough on both the state and federal level, with resources being continually thrown onto “the war on drugs” throughout America. The interesting thing is that the “war” led to the conviction of individuals who were over 92% African-American.

Obama loves marijuana and hopes you do too

Recreational marijuana became legal in both Washington and Colorado in 2012, the year Obama took office as the 44th President of the United States. The trend of acceptance took over as the years continued to pass, especially once the government embraced the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

With the partnership of the government, the media, and area scientists and medical practitioners, it became clear that there was a way for everyone to get paid off. Amazingly, scientists “discovered and confirmed” that marijuana could suddenly improve vision and even fight certain diseases or illnesses. This is a complete contradiction to the dangers of the drug that scientists once raved about when marijuana was considered deadly and illegal.

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!

The Washington Post reported on a study revealing that legalizing marijuana generated more than $132 billion in federal tax revenue. “If marijuana is legalized on the federal level, the marijuana industry could create an entirely new tax revenue stream for the government, generating millions of dollars in sales tax and payroll deductions,” reported the New Frontier Data analytics firm.

Given the additional revenue source, the motive for the government’s legalizing marijuana is abundantly clear. The only problem is once the drug became legal, and easily received with the stroke of a doctor’s pen, it did nothing to help diminish the opioid epidemic in which most American’s are currently suffering.

Currently, studies are showing that marijuana will help improve the opioid crisis by calming the withdrawal effects that patients suffer from—withdrawals that can be so intense that the patients often run back to opioids to avoid the sickness that accommodates withdrawals. Medical marijuana, which was once condemned by the government, is now pushed as the main drug to improve the opioid crisis. The moment it became fiscally beneficial to the government was the moment it was pushed as being a healthy alternative to most of America’s ailments.

Buyer beware! Although we would all love to believe that the government has our best interest at heart, you can’t always be so sure… especially when money is involved.

So whether your pusher lives down the street or in a big white house in D.C., just make sure you do what is best for yourself and don’t fall for every ‘study’ you read from the experts.

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