Democrats Are Introducing A New Bill To Find Out Your Sexuality

The Census Bureau has provided the government with data on U.S. citizens for decades. Important data is collected through this questionnaire to determine how many racial groups exist in America, the age of most Americans and other pertinent information that assists the government with understanding which government programs are most needed.

This is now being taken a step further by Democrats who feel the need to know if you are gay or not. Your sexual orientation is so important to the Left that they are introducing legislation to see if they can get this information, first hand. So I guess we can now say it’s all about the red, white, blue, yellow, green… Well, you get the idea.

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The Democrats just wanna help!

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) introduced the Census Equality Act [S.3314] which would add questions to the Census asking respondents about their sexual orientation and gender identity, according to

She, along with her fellow Dems, feel that the number of LGBT individuals throughout the U.S. is continuing to grow thanks to the stigma associated being lifted with each passing year. Gallup estimates that 4.5% of the United States population identified as LGBT last year, with 8.2% being Millennials.

Why is this information important? Votes, votes, votes! When you know your audience, you know the issues that are important to them. That’s when you can tailor your speeches, your promises, and your selection of which candidates you will use to represent certain things.

Our best idea yet said the Dems in joyous laughter!

The introduction of the Census Equality Act opened the door to the Left claiming that this was long overdue. “The spirit of the census is that no one should go uncounted and no one should be invisible,” Sen. Harris said in a press release.

“We must expand data collections efforts to ensure the LGBTQ community is not only seen but fully accounted for in terms of government resources provided,” she continued. The reality is that this is simply another way for the Democrats to justify sharing funds and services that are designated for groups under civil rights protection.

You will have minorities competing for services and funding that will now potentially be split and distributed by anyone who claims to be of the LGBT community. Why is this dangerous? Well, it’s only dangerous if you actually identify with the racial groups that are in need of governmental support. Otherwise, you can’t imagine what it’s like to share resources that you have to fight for, even though they are meant to be allocated to you.

Not everyone jumped when they heard the news!

It goes without saying that not everyone who listened to the introduction of this bill felt all warm and fuzzy inside afterward. There were those who felt that this was just another scheme created by the Democrats to satisfy their own agenda’s. There were also those within the Census Bureau who felt the additional information would serve no clear purpose.

“In order for a subject to be included, there must be a clear statutory or regulatory need for data collection,” stated John Thompson, then-Census Bureau director in 2017. “There is no federal data need to change the planned census and ACS subjects,” he concluded. Thus far, 18 Senate Democrat cosponsors are pushing the bill to be voted upon by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

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