Bill Gates Fights To End Alcohol Consumption

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has taken their good deeds a bit too far with their latest research on alcohol consumption.

According to a global study conducted by researchers hired by the foundation, any consumption of alcohol can lead to disease and/or death. Gone are the days where you can drink one glass of wine per day to ensure that your heart will reap the benefit.

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Additionally, the study shows that any prior findings of health benefits attached to drinking are completely false and misleading. In fact, the research team concluded that alcohol is not only deadly, but it should be banned altogether. That’s where the line MUST be drawn.

Give me Jack Daniels or give me death…

The study surrounding alcohol consumption by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does a great job of revealing how even a small ounce of alcohol can lead to problems with one’s health. Got it.

The research also does an excellent job of showing statistical data that further reveals the correlation of alcohol to several deaths, of which includes cancer, car wrecks, liver damage, and several other things that can limit your quality of life. Got it.

Finally, the researchers lead up to the big finale where they support policies that will limit alcohol consumption; things like increasing alcohol taxes, controlling the availability of alcohol and regulating alcohol advertising. Ok, DON’T got it!

You can probably bet your last dollar that both Bill and Melinda are tea drinkers who loathe the thought of drinking alcohol on a regular basis.

The typical night-cap is probably something they would most likely frown upon, which is fine…more for me. The unfortunate reality is that the government will no doubt accept these findings and agree to the suggested “regulations” to ensure the lobbyists of the Gates Foundation remain happy. This is control on an entirely new level and at some point, it has to stop.

Freedom ain’t free

We live in a society that is constantly changing depending on culture, trends, and politics — something that can’t be taken lightly.

America continues to profess the liberties of its citizens, yet it proves on the back end that those same liberties can be bought for the right price. If you are a zillionaire and you decide that drinking is dangerous and should be banned, then simply hire a research team to confirm your initial thoughts and wait for the government to step in and play the role of the caring system that will regulate things for the good of all.

Sounds nice, but where does the line get drawn on our freedom to do what we please with our bodies, our minds, and our health? It’s not as if the government hasn’t already forced us to have health insurance—thanks to their partners: the insurance companies.

Keep in mind, this is also the same government that now finds marijuana to have health benefits. Interesting that I can’t drink an ounce of liquor, but I can smoke myself into oblivion and still be alive to talk about it.

The reality is that we must question research that was funded by special interest groups. Although it would be lovely to believe that the health of society is something that drives the motives of others, we must understand that money is the true power in some cases. Most research will show that too much of anything is bad for you, so be mindful. Just know that some research comes with an agenda that will serve interests outside of your own.

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