Kanye’s Plea For Other Men To Stop Staring At Kim Kardashian

Recently, Kanye went on a rant…again! This time he used social media to make a plea for Nick Cannon (and others) to stop bragging about sleeping with his wife, Kim Kardashian.

He demanded that men stop talking about her, stop looking at her disrespectfully, and stop thinking about her. Wow. Tall order considering Kardashian has made her career on sexual escapades and publicized nudity!

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He wants to clean up her reputation, and he’s taking no prisoners. The only question is… is it too late?

All the detergent in the world can’t clean that act

Kanye’s wife Kim has used her body to propel her to national fame and notoriety. She has a perfume in the shape of her naked body, she broke the internet by showing off her naked booty, and she is known for her sex tapes with other celebrities.

If all of this isn’t enough, she has made it no secret about the men that she has been in relations with. With just a simple search online one will discover that Kardashian has been with a multitude of celebrities, which include John Mayer, rappers The Game and 50 Cent, and a host of others.

With such a long list of lovers, how can Kanye expect for others to immediately end the discussion of their experiences with her? Maybe Kanye assumed that her giving birth to their two children would erase the past…even though she’s still taking off her clothes for internet attention and likes.

Kanye’s running out of things to rant about, apparently

It’s unfortunate that Kanye’s plea had to play out in public, rather than he simply picking up the phone and calling the guys he considers to be the true problem in this matter. He specifically called out certain individuals and immediately made the issue…well…an issue.

It leaves one to wonder if this was simply another media ploy to get his name out there, once again. Both Kanye and his wife Kim are notorious for using any means to gain public attention, and this just might be yet another attention-grabbing ploy.

He recently received his own media attention for his “slavery was a choice” comment and he doesn’t seem to make things any better for himself. He apologizes for his antics, only to turn around and do something even more outlandish. Now, he is attempting to protect the honor of a woman who gave her honor away a long time ago.

The facetime video of Kanye making a plea for his wife to be respected leaves one to wonder if he was joking or not. The unfortunate thing is that people have already classified Kardashian as a…well…a loose woman, to put it rather nicely. Additionally, people are equally tired of Kanye and his rants about dumb crap.

Why do we still listen? Mostly because we are truly hoping that one day he will rant about something that will be on point. Until then, he and his wife continue to be nothing more than pure entertainment that is not to be taken seriously.

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