Arnold Schwarzenegger Attaches Himself To The #MeToo Movement

The former Governor of California and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a history of giving it all to the ladies, whether they wanted it or not. He even fathered a child with his maid.

His history includes groping and humiliating women, all of which he denied until now. Since he’s not relevant anymore, Schwarzenegger found a way to reinvent himself so that he could get in on the latest media sensation: sexual assault.

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Too little, too late

The #MeToo movement has brought numerous male celebrities to their knees. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby are only a couple of the individuals slammed by the movement — one can only wonder the where  Schwarzenegger was at that time. He remained silent, and he did nothing to either admit his faults or guilt within the realm of sexual assault nor did he stand by the side in support of his fellow man.

Interesting that as the #MeToo movement dies down,  Schwarzenegger steps in to apologize to every woman he’s ever offended. “Looking back, I stepped over the line several times, and I was the first one to say sorry,” he said during an interview with CNN. “I feel bad about it, and I apologize,” he continued. This is the part where we stare at him with one eye open, wondering what his motives are for coming out of the sexual predator closet now.

I’m sorry for slapping your buttocks…now let’s eat

Schwarzenegger’s apology to women around the world only means something to the women he offended…and I’d bet a million dollars that his apology doesn’t mean squat to them.

If anything, his apology should be offensive because he hid his actions and failed to be accountable for them because he didn’t want to destroy his own career. Once again, women suffered in silence as he kept his dirty deeds buried in the dark while he continued to lie and say he would never touch a woman who didn’t want to be touched. The amazing part is that the media currently embraces his ability to come forward after the fact!

Proof that politics still play a viable role in men and their relationships with one another. They will protect each other and, in the process, bury the bones to ensure that they are not held accountable for things that they do.  Schwarzenegger should not be allowed to apologize now that the dust of the #MeToo movement has settled.

Cosby was convicted for sexually abusing women for years, much like other public figures. However, there are those such as Kavanaugh who can be accused of sexual crimes without worry of penalty. That’s fine. Kavanaugh never admitted to his dirt, so the fight continues.  Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, not only admits his deeds but he admits to denying them back in the day because he didn’t want to harm his political career. Wow.

It ain’t easy being a lady

What will it take for women to ensure that they are safe from sexual predators? What will it take for women to receive justice, even if men like  Schwarzenegger come forward decades later to admit their wrong? We have women on the Supreme Court, in the White House, in Congress…yet, there isn’t much happening to improve the problems that have continued to plague women over the years.

Schwarzenegger’s apology was completely accepted as retribution and the case was closed. Too bad. One can only hope that the women he abused will look into his eyes and say with conviction: I’ll be back! Maybe then he will see the error in his ways and truly change them…for reasons other than to receive media attention.

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