Think Your Job Is Safe? Think Again!

Many people are under the impression that Artificial Intelligence is something that will become a part of our reality in years to come. Most even believe their jobs are safe from AI robots — who look like humans, talk like humans, and may actually be smarter than humans. Well, welcome to the future because AI is definitely here.

Countless AI technologies have reared their ugly heads throughout the United States, thus far. Bars have replaced bartenders with machines that can serve drinks faster and grocery stores have replaced cashiers with kiosks to ensure a speedy checkout for its customers. However, these technologies have not taken human form…until now.

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China has recently introduced the worlds first AI news anchor and it looks, speaks, and acts….well…human. He’s an “English AI Anchor” that debuted at the World Internet Conference in Zhejiang Province, according to CNBC. The new anchor learns from live videos and has the capacity to work 24 hours a day, reporting via social media and on the Xinhua website. “He learns on his own and can read texts as naturally as a professional news anchor,” stated the Xinhua News Agency in an online statement.

This new development caused the world to celebrate because it reflected man’s ability to create man. Not good. The one thing missing from this development is the fact that it destroys the existence of humans who work, live, and survive based on their ability to provide for their families. How can this be done if a robot does this in their place?

AI will destroy mankind

If you truly want to ensure job security, then you’d better go back to school and get a degree in technology. The research firm Garner predicts that AI will eliminate over 18 million jobs by 2020, with additional steep layoffs around the world. The only saving grace for employment seems to be for those who are in the field of technology.

According to the firm, 2.3 million jobs will be created for those within the field of engineering because it will directly impact the new, growing industry of AI technology. If that’s not enough, there are worries that AI will be the force that leads us to World War III. Considering AI is used in military applications, it should come as no surprise that the “military robots” will have military decision-making applications that can open the door to AI-enhanced wars. Who will suffer as a result of all this? The humans that both created them and the humans that are being replaced by them.

Say goodbye to human dignity and compassion

Currently, AI provides a great deal of benefits to medical practitioners throughout the world. The only problem is that soon AI will replace the human practitioners, altogether. This will once again not only delete the need for human practitioners, but it will also eliminate the human and compassionate side of the business. When you are being diagnosed with something that is life-threatening, it becomes unreal to imagine receiving this information from a cold machine that is equipped with only the ability to tell you what’s wrong, not how to handle it on a human level from a human perspective.

Although technology has contributed to benefits that range from the improvement of health to the improvement of communication, we are still facing a major problem. In our ability to improve our lives through technology, we fail to see how we are destroying life at the same time.

Knowing these realities can assist with making decisions that fall in line with the future of fewer humans and more fake-humans. Understanding that the jobs of today will not be the jobs for you of tomorrow. This goes for your children and your grandchildren, as well. Celebrate AI…but don’t forget to celebrate the life AI can never replace.

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