Research Shows Witchcraft Among Millennials Is On The Rise

Goodbye Christians, and hello Wiccans! There is a new spirituality in town and it is promoted as being freer than Christianity — which is why more millennials have decided that witchcraft is the path they want to take.

According to the Pew Research Center, Wicca grew from 8,000 Wiccans to over 340,000 since 1990! The study also shows an ongoing decline in U.S. Protestant and Catholic membership. In fact, they showed that adults under 40 are far less likely to say religion is “very important” in their lives.

It is understood that humans need something to believe in, which is how religion continued to retain its followers. However, what happens when a generation of people decide that religion isn’t for them?

Will humanity suffer because individuals will no longer respect the difference between right and wrong? Will the moral fiber of America become unwoven and disrupted?

This is something that most are beginning to wonder, and they are not sitting quietly while doing so.

Postmodernism of society is currently the biggest blame for the upsurge of Wiccans throughout America. It is believed that as society becomes more eclectic, so too shall the religion. It is also believed that Christianity is a dated religion that fails to address the modern issues that most young people face.

As such, it became no surprise that witchcraft took over to fill the void that Christianity left behind. “Wicca has effectively repackaged witchcraft for millennial consumption,” said spiritual author, Julie Roys. “No longer is witchcraft and paganism satanic and demonic, it’s a pre-Christian tradition that promotes free thought,” Roys continued.

Stating that witchcraft is of free thought and the celebration of the universe would be fine if most Wiccan practitioners did not attempt to use the tradition as a means in which to cause harm.

It was during the congressional confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh last month that a bookstore placed a “hex” on the then-controversial conservative. Then other groups cropped up claiming to place hexes on President Donald Trump. Clearly, this is a tradition that would easily leave most to wonder if it can truly be used as a replacement of a religion that promotes love.

Despite the rise in Wiccan practices, the United States is still dominated by Christianity—which composes 70% of the country’s religious population, according to the Pew Research Center.

It can be assumed that soon there may be a war between the two religions that will serve to ensure its stability in a very unstable society. People are in search of something to believe in and they are doing all that they can to remain hopeful, positive, and joyful at a time where society is anything but.

Religion is an important part of society because it lives within the core belief system of individuals. When everyone practiced Christianity, it was easy because there was a uniformity of understanding and agreement on morality.

Now, with the rise in witchcraft, people are beginning to wonder if the moral standards that have been a part of society for so long are now at risk of being replaced by something new.

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  1. Audra L, I agree with your posted comment! It is very sad that even the 70% of Christians are unable to see what is happening right before their very own eyes. It was prophesied that in the end times that the love of many will wax cold and that what is right would become wrong and what was considered wrong would be right!

    It is even in the work place, employers don’t want employees to discuss political things nor Christian or Religious issues! But when it comes right down to it, what else is there to talk about?

    Of the 70% supposed or who profess to be Christian’s, I would say only 1% truely are, according to John chapter 3

    Religion is man Made, True Christianity is a way of life! A life, committed to following God, the way He says! Not how we think it shoud be!

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