Should Santa Claus Should be Female or Gender Neutral?

It was only a matter of time before the jolly St. Nick fell victim to the pop culture of the day and got a complete make-over. However we didn’t expect the portly old man to be transformed into a female or made gender neutral — which is apparently what 27% of individuals polled in a recent survey want.

The survey conducted by Graphic Springs (a logo design company) surveyed hundreds of individuals, for the purpose of re-branding the jolly ol elf into a quasi modern image.

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Approximately 400 individuals from the United States and United Kingdom were initially polled — with an additional 4,000 individuals voting on the most popular versions of the new Santa.

The survey revealed that a “Modern Santa” has tattoos, a stylishly-trimmed beard, skinny jeans, sneakers, and a hover-board. He’s tech-savvy and looks like he could easily feature in GQ magazine.”

Aside from redesigning an image of Santa, the survey also asked, “If you could ‘rebrand’ Santa for modern society, what gender would he be?”

Nearly 11% of those individuals polled said Santa should be female, with an additional 17% saying he should be gender neutral.

However an overwhelming majority of individuals (72%) believe Santa is just fine as a male.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • 25% of survey-takers said Santa should wear sneakers
  • 23% said he should use Amazon Prime
  • 22% said he should travel in a flying car
  • 20% said he should have tattoos
  • 18% said he should be more ‘hipster’
  • 18% said he should get a new hairstyle
  • 17% said he should have a hover-board

The survey apparently didn’t include the most important group within Santa’s orbit… children.

When told about the survey, the children responded with surprisingly old-fashioned answers.

When asked if Santa could be a woman,  the shocked children overwhelmingly answered “NO.”

The London based ad agency named Anomaly asked children ‘If Santa was a woman, could she do the job?’ and young boys and girls pointed out that she wouldn’t be strong enough and her navigation skills wouldn’t be up to scratch.

Another child responded that Santa couldn’t be a female because “her baby bump might squash presents.”

Still another said he didn’t like the idea that Santa was a female saying, ‘Number one, she would get lost in the sky.’

A young boy worried she would ‘get a headache’

While another said: ‘She’d have to go to the gym first,’ because he thought she would not be strong enough to carry presents.


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