GoFundMe For Trump’s Wall?

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin’s article titled “Why hasn’t someone started a GoFundMe for Trump’s wall,” is so utterly brilliant it begs the question… why we haven’t thought about this before?!

Sometimes the most obvious solution to an issue is right there in front of us, and yet we don’t see it until someone points it out. That’s precisely what Goodwin did.

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In his article, Goodwin reminded readers that “Democrats, including Hillary Clinton when she was in the Senate, supported walls and backed expansion as part of a large immigration package, but the open-border movement is surging in Pelosi’s party. Besides, with Dems taking the House and prosecutors determined to nail Trump, the growing impeachment movement won’t allow the President any policy victory.”

“Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are thus adamant that additions to the wall aren’t necessary and offer their support for just $1.4 billion in government funds for maintenance and added security.”

Adding; “To supporters, the wall, combined with better trade deals, is synonymous with America First. The promise to build barriers for much of the 2,000-mile border is key to Trump’s plan to end decades of mass entry by illegal immigrants, some of them violent, and stem the flow of narcotics.”

Obviously logistics need to be worked out, however, this would send a decisive message to those political hacks on both sides of the political aisle. It would show average citizens reclaiming their country, in spite of a “do nothing congress” interested only in getting elected and obstructing the will of the people.

Goodwin emphasized just that point: “If Congress won’t secure the borders, then it is necessary for the public to step in. It would be a modern and critical twist on the Founders’ ideal of self-government.”

The president could easily mobilize his 63 million supporters to set up a “non-political” campaign type infrastructure to avoid any pushback or misinterpretation.

Moreover the guidelines for setting up a GoFundMe page have been well established through the years, with thousands of individuals who’ve already benefited from the volunteer site.

Goodwin posed the question to his audience, asking his readers for advice, the overwhelming response was amazing.

Here are a few examples:

“I just said to my wife this morning that someone should start a GoFundMe site for the wall,” said reader Robert Zorcik.

Another reader chimed in, “It seems that the taxes we pay are not going to be spent for our border protection by Chuck and Nancy and a number of Republicans…Shame on them! Let’s get it built!”

Jack Murray, another reader apparently decided to do a little math with a  little help from his calculator, “If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall.”

Perhaps putting our own money where our mouth is, is our only solution in protecting ourselves from the foreign invaders who have murdered our citizens, disrespected our country and abused our sovereignty.

Moreover being directly in control of our own wellbeing, should make progressive legislators extremely nervous.

Imagine for a moment that this grassroots movement actually becomes a reality — they ’ll lose control of a large part of their political agenda for 2020 and perhaps more importantly giving average citizens who’ve become disgusted with congress confidence to directly take more control of their own destiny.

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