Who Wants A $1-Trillion Tax Increase?

Americans were forewarned before the midterm elections, that if the Democrats took control of the House, they would raise taxes.

According to a report by “America for Tax Reform” the new bill introduced by House Democrat Ted Deutch will cost working Americans over $1-trillion in new tax hikes.

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“According to a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office, a $25 per ton carbon tax increasing by two percent per year adds up to a total net tax increase of $1.1 trillion,” the organization reports.

“The carbon tax bill is a massive and continually ratcheting national energy tax. It allows politicians to raise taxes in the future without ever having to vote. Just as the French carbon tax law grows more oppressive with time, within five years the Deutch bill would automatically rise to $55 per ton. For reference, the carbon tax handily rejected by blue Washington state voters in November started at $15 and ratcheted up by $2 per year.”

Adding, “Voters across the USA and other countries continue to reject carbon taxes, but Democrats continue to find new ways to separate Americans from their money.”

However Democrats aren’t alone in their attempt to regain control by socially engineering the destruction of our growing economy. Republican RINO’s like Francis Rooney (Fla.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) actually co-sponsored the bill along with Democrats John Delaney and Anna Eshoo, however both Republican’s were no where to be found during the media bill rollout.

To give you some perspective of just how unpopular this new version of Deutch’s carbon tax bill is, simply look across the pond towards the riots that are currently taking place in France. Remarkably after months of deadly protests even climate control disciple French President Emmanuel Macron has finally gotten the message, and has just rescinded the massive carbon tax hike that was scheduled to kick-off  in the New Year.

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist released a statement, exactly what’s at stake for average Americans, if this bill becomes a reality.

“The proposed carbon tax is a gas tax and a tax on your electric bill. Worse, it increases automatically year after year so the politicians can raise your taxes without ever having to vote. The tax will be hidden in the price of all goods and services, a hidden tax, a permanent tax, an uncontrolled tax that increases without end.”

However this regressive tax is just the tip-of-the-iceberg, hidden deep within its provisions are additional horrors for tax payers, here are a few additional details:

The IRS and EPA will combine their departments in regards to this particular law that will siphon tax payer money between these two departments for the purpose of funding IRS and EPA tasks from a giant vat of taxpayer funds for what the bill calls “Administrative Expenses” and “Other Administrative Expenses.”

The bill gives more powers to the IRS, in finding additional products to be taxed. The IRS is directed to work with the EPA in order to find more tax targets: “Any manufactured or agricultural product which the [Treasury] Secretary in consultation with the [EPA] Administrator determines” is a tax target.

Additionally the bill gives broad powers to the EPA, to impose “monitoring, reporting, and record-keeping requirements” on Americans. Including the power to conduct investigations and force “information collection.”

As stated Americans were forewarned, that once Democrats took control of the House, they would do everything within their power to resist, obstruct and destroy as much as possible America’s economic prosperity, before the 2020 Presidential Election, regardless of the consequences to the tax payer.


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