Is Time Travel Possible?

The concept of time travel has fascinated grownups and children alike for hundreds of years. H.G. Wells’s novella, “The Time Machine”, is generally credited by sci-fi aficionadi as the beginning of what we now reference as time travel.

The idea of time travel captured the imagination of countless generations long after H.G. Wells’s published novella, which was made years later into three feature films, and two television series.

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However, time travel may not just be science fiction after all according to Gaurav Khanna, the Professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

The esteemed professor admits he’s been fascinated about time travel since he was 7-years old watching the 1980 episodes of Carl Sagan’s classic TV series, “Cosmos.”

“I decided right then that someday, I was going to pursue a deep study of the theory that underlies such creative and remarkable ideas: Einstein’s relativity. Twenty years later, I emerged with a Ph.D. in the field and have been an active researcher in the theory ever since.”

In a recently published article, Professor Khanna states “Einstein’s general theory of relativity allows for the possibility of warping time to such a high degree that it actually folds upon itself, resulting in a time loop. Imagine you’re traveling along this loop; that means that at some point, you’d end up at a moment in the past and begin experiencing the same moments since, all over again.”

Adding, “Such constructs are often referred to as “closed time-like curves” or CTCs in the research literature, and popularly referred to as “time machines.” Time machines are a byproduct of effective faster-than-light travel schemes and understanding them can improve our understanding of how the universe works.”

Well, known physicists like Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawkins over the past few decades have created seminal work products related to both the concept of time travel and time machines.

Their conclusion thus far, is that nature does not allow for “time loops.” Hawkins’ went on to explain through his ‘Chronology Protection Conjecture’ report that “nature doesn’t allow for changes to its past history, thus sparing us from the paradoxes that can emerge if time travel were possible.”

However, Caroline Mallary, a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts has just published a paper describing how to build a time machine using simple construction. This new model does not require any negative mass exotic material and offers a very simple design.

Mallary’s model make-up consists of two extra long cars, constructed with normal materials that have positive mass. The vehicles are parked parallel to each other. The test begins with one vehicle moving forward at rapid speed, while the other vehicle stays parked. The test shows that with such a setup, Mallary was able to create a “time loop” within the space between the two vehicles.

If possible that time travel does exist, is it also possible that those ugly Morlocks living underground in the 1960’s classic film version and eating innocent fair-haired Eloi’s may also exist? Only time will tell.

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