Man Sniffs His Dirty Socks and Ends Up in the Emergency Room

A 37-year-old man named only as ‘Peng’ found himself in the emergency room in Zhangzhou, southeast China after he sniffed his dirty socks, according to the Fujian Daily.  According to reports, Peng showed up at the hospital with an uncontrollable cough and complaints of severe chest pains.

After being thoroughly analyzed by the physicians it was discovered that Peng suffered from a fungal infection of the lungs that came as a result of Peng’s dirty-sock-sniffing addiction.

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As it turns out, Peng had a fungal infection on his feet that transferred into his lungs after he took deep, long whiffs of his dirty socks that he had worn all day.

Sniffing out diseases

It may seem weird to hear that a person has a dirty sock smelling fetish but if you think about it, is it really so uncommon. True, Peng might have gone a bit overboard by smelling his socks so hard that he almost collapsed a lung (in addition to his sniffing hard enough to sniff up fungus), but everyone smells their socks to see if they are clean.

The Guardian recently published a report that shared how dog’s noses were powerful enough to sniff out prostate cancer, diabetes, malaria, and thyroid cancer in human beings.

Some dogs are actually being trained to identify these smells and then bark at the person if they discover a disease. Not trying to be funny, but it begs the question of whether dogs will soon become our doctors or not?

Peng’s stinky sock desires are… normal?

Peng’s desire to work hard throughout the day so that he could end it with a glass of wine and hours of sniffing his stinky socks is not something that is uncommon. There is actually a medical term for this desire to smell something incredibly bad that comes from your body.

Psychologists call this sniffing stinky feet fetish a Benign Masochism. Psychologist Paul Rozin wrote a paper titled “Glad to be sad, and other examples of benign masochism” in 2013 to help others understand the reality of individuals who are only interested in disgusting things, like smelling their dirty feet for prolonged periods.

“A roller coaster is the best example,” Rozin stated in an article in the National Geographic. “You are in fact fine and you know it, but your body doesn’t, and that is the pleasure.” Rozin then compared the thrill of riding a roller coaster to that of smelling something completely smelly…like that of someone’s feet, no doubt.

Are you in danger?

Do you love the smell of your dirty feet? Do you work all day just so that you can smell your socks all night, like Peng? Hopefully not, but if you do—don’t fret. Peng was provided with antibiotics and sent home, so he’s fine…this time.

Doctors don’t recommend that you sniff your dirty socks for hours at a time, but they admit it won’t necessarily kill you either. Peng’s situation was a bit different. Reports stated that he was not getting sufficient rest, so his immune system was depleted. This contributed to his body accepting the fungus he sniffed from his socks.

Will Peng continue sniffing his socks, even if it kills him? Probably so. He admitted that he was addicted. Wow. Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in his shoes…well…you know what I mean.

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