Shut Up About Vaccines Already

The argument regarding vaccinations and their link to autism continues to wage on and – quite frankly – I’m not sure there is ANYTHING that can be done to nullify it.

The idea that vaccinations poison our youth, potentially causing autism in extreme cases, is linked to a single study performed decades ago by a doctor that studied twelve children. And even though numerous, legitimate studies have proven otherwise in the wake of such misinformed allegations, a significant portion of the population still refuses to listen.

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This is problematic on so many levels, I would have to write a novel to address them all. Never mind the fact that there are literally thousands of people without autism that have vaccinations and are perfectly-functioning members of society. Never mind the fact that autism and sister-cognizant disorders like ADHD, anxiety, and other behavioral detriments have been largely linked to a spike in technology and television.

People STILL want to cling to the vaccination debate as if doctors and Big Pharma actually have some weird vested interested in making society dysfunctional. (Newsflash: vaccinations are so cheap and have such a low profit margin, there is literally no reason the medical community would continue to “poison” your family. They don’t get kickbacks nor do they financially benefit from giving your kid autism, but that’s for another article).

What really grinds my gears regarding parents that don’t vaccinate is the sheer audacity and privilege it infers and subjugates the rest of us too.

Here’s the truth: people aren’t actually “anti-vaccination”; they are anti “getting their own kids vaccinated.” They are actually counting on everyone else to vaccinate their kids because then they don’t have to worry about their own kids being exposed to measles or polio or any other of the potentially-deadly diseases vaccines presents.

If everyone else gets their kids vaccinated that means A) their own kids will very unlikely be exposed to any harmful illness and B) they no longer have to worry about autism. It’s a win-win for anti-vaxxers. It’s also incredibly selfish.

The great dichotomy in this whole debate surrounding vaccinations has never been whether vaccinations actually work or not. I have literally never heard someone who is “anti-vaccines” ever say that they are ineffective; they just infer that they have toxic side-effects. And that’s a HUGE distinction to make.

It’s also an incredibly selfish standpoint to take because it’s betting on the fact that everyone else is going to vaccinate their kids. It’s essentially insinuating that they know vaccinations work, but they don’t want to risk their OWN kids being subjected to potentially harmful chemicals, so they just want EVERYONE ELSE’S kids to take one for the team.

Because – let’s face it – if collectively the entire world and medical community decided to just stop giving these shots, anti-vaxxers would have their kids living in a bubble, secluded from society, til probably the end of time.

Why? Because even anti-vaxxers know that polio is a much worse sentence than autism. And that’s why not vaccinating your kid makes you an entitled asshat on multiple levels. If you can’t play along with basic, societal constructs, maybe adopt a puppy instead of having kids.


  1. David MacKAY

    People with Polio can become president
    Not a chance with Autism
    You do not have a clue
    Clearly you are a useful idiot prostituting yourself to Big pharma

  2. Matt

    Wow, you’re missing a lot. first, the anti vaccine people i know aren’t anti vaccine, they are anti being forced by the government to inject something into their children. there are certainly legitimate medical reasons why some children are exempt. Parents and pediatrician know their children best. they should be able to make an informed decision and opt out. second, un-vaccinated children are at a higher risk of catching a disease from a vaccinated person as the vaccinated person has been injected with the disease or a variant. Third, if there are no side effects of vaccines then why is there a vaccine injury court? and why has that court paid out over 4 billion dollars (tax payer money)
    the warnings i hear is to space out the vaccines and don’t combine them.
    where are your references?

  3. Laughing atyou

    If we could trust anything the CDC or FDA say or do a more the vaccine issue would be long dead AWD dont and we shouldn’t the revolving door between drug companies and Gov dement is criminal the ridiculous laws the FDA and CDC back are ridiculous just a bunch of well educated criminals including this author

  4. SRP, Ph.D.

    This article is completely false. As false as false can be. There is an overwhelm and rapidly growing amount of data indicating show the link between vaccination and autism. Either this author has a strong opinion but hasn’t actually taken the time to look at the science — or the author is just a shill for the vaccine manufacturers.

    Here locally, one of the leading Neurologists in the state was an adamant defender of vaccinations — until his own infant daughter developed autism as a direct result of vaccination. He took his case, and all of the medical proof the the vaccines were the direct cause, to the vaccine injury liability court (established by Congress to shield the pharmaceutical companies from direct liability) — and was the first such claimant to actually win the case and compensation from the court.

    I suggest the author watch this short 12 minutes video that is worth taking the time to watch:
    Healthy triplets all autistic within hours of vaccination:

  5. Obviously, you’ve not done your research. In fact, law suits have already been paid to victims of vaccinations that had caused.autisim.

    You tube has videos of the effects that mercury (which is found in vaccinations) has on the brain.

    Time to hit the books Wil E!

  6. Karen

    If vaccinations are so important, why do we allow thousands of illegal immigrants into our country unvaccinated? Shouldn’t all immigrants be required to have the same vaccinations we give to our children?

  7. John

    Your blatant refusal to explore the truth is troubling. I lost a granddaughter 8 hours after a cocktail of vaccines! The sad part of your ignorance is most only become champions of opposing vaccinations after they experience the death of a child. You want to earn your merit as truthful reporter? Get off your ass and investigate objectively! Your bias blinds you to the truth! Watch a little HighWire on You Tube as well as vexxed then proceed to read studies! There are more than one. Your subjective dedication to fallacious propaganda? Just shows your to lazy to look past CDCs website.

  8. Billy

    This author was clearly paid by the pharmaceutical industry to write this article! I listened to too many stories of vaccination disasters. One was from a lady with triplets that were all very healthy children. She had them all vaccinated (can’t remember the vaccine) and within days theyou weren’t acting as they normally did. She took them to a different doctor and he diagnosed all 3 with autism….WITHIN DAYS OF BEING VACCINATED!!! Even the doctor said “this cannot be a coincidence….it’s very improbable that all 3 get autism”.

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