Man Sues Parents For Giving Birth To Him

Raphael Samuel, 27, of New Delhi is suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent and although this sounds crazy it is actually a thing now. Many individuals are beginning to share the view that they should have had a say in whether they were brought into this world or not.

This is a part of a system known as antinatalism and it promotes the notion that children shouldn’t be forced to be born, especially at the expense of the planet.

To further promote this belief, Samuel runs a Facebook page called Nihilanand that further presents the ideology that parents are merely creating a slave nation of individuals who never asked to be here. Interesting.

The Facebook page that Samuel runs has a strong following of individuals who find childbirth to be a serious offense…to the child. “Isn’t forcing a child into this world and then forcing it to have a career kidnapping and slavery?” asked one writer on the page.

With all of the posts that push the concept of infertility, no one came close to taking their stance as far as Samuel, who is now attempting to sue his parents for their “selfish act” of giving birth to him without his input. “Don’t respect your parents unless you want to,” states Samuel on a video titled, “Infertile is SEXY!!”

There is a growing trend of interest in this particular system in regard to the environment, as well. Samuel is using this platform to support the improvement of the environment by reducing the amount of children one has.

Being a native of India, having more than 1.3 million people, he understands what it means to live within an overpopulated society. Other countries are taking note, as well. Dr. Chandra Bhushan, the director of the Centre for Science and Environment, shared that she believes the problem lies in the “distribution of the carbon footprint in India.”

By this, Dr. Bhushan is hoping that others understand that one single child can produce “20 times more greenhouse gas than a person would save by driving a high-mileage car, recycling, and using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.” She wants everyone to understand that not having children is the biggest way to reduce a carbon footprint on the earth.

True, saving the planet is something that should be a priority for all who inhabit the earth. We must all find solutions that will assist in prolonging the wellbeing of the planet so that we can better ensure our future and the future of our children. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean, however, that we must limit our natural instinct to breed.

Although Samuel comes from a country that is incredibly overpopulated, one can only wonder if there might have been another solution to his dilemma of improving the planet and improving mankind. His parents did not comment on their feelings regarding their son’s desire to sue them for damages that might have occurred to the planet, or his mind, as a direct result of his birth.

However, one thing should be remembered in a situation such as this…the birth of man isn’t what destroys a planet—it’s what man does to the planet that destroys it.


  1. ManGo

    God in his infinite wisdom told us to procreate.
    We should work on improving this world and not waiste energy and resources in this nonesense.

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