Does Facebook Consider YOU A Threat?

If you think you have freedom and privacy on Facebook, you’re dead wrong!

In fact, Facebook has turned their app into something a lot more than just a platform for individuals to share information, photos, and videos with their friends and family…

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Now, the famous social media outlet maintains a list of its users that they feel might pose a threat to employees and offices, according to CNBC News.

If you have ever shared a disdain for your boss or fellow worker on your Facebook page, look out!

They now have security guards who watch for people like you. According to the shared report, your comments can be considered threats, and if so, Facebook will track your location by means of the data you shared through their app.

This goes well beyond the company’s description of services and now has its own employees questioning the ethical dilemma of the practice.

Facebook is Big Brother

Facebook has been under scrutiny for spying on its users for some time now. They were once criticized for using information tracked by their users to create ads that would promote certain political platforms, and now, they are under the line of fire once more for spying in a different way. It all began when one Facebook user made a public comment on the network against Facebook’s office in Europe.

The user posted “Tomorrow everyone is going to pay” on his Facebook page and before he could hit send, the Facebook security bots tracked his whereabouts and personal data and reported him to the authorities. Of course, after further investigation, the ‘threat’ had proven to be just a mere comment that had no intent of harm behind it.

Although Facebook has not actually stopped any threat from occurring with this ‘security’ system, they continue to proceed with their desire to police their users.

Criminals abound on Facebook

One of the interesting things about Facebook is that they have more incidents of criminal activity shared on their site than any other social media platform. If you google ‘Live Facebook Deaths’, you will see that many people have used the social media site to video their criminal activity. Facebook has not stopped any of the criminal activities from occurring, yet they now want to serve as police for everyone else who makes mere commentary about their angst toward their employers.

There are no instances of Facebook preventing any criminal activity from occurring as a result of comments made and there are no proven statistics that show improvements of school shootings as a result of this added outside security. Although the social network professes to use this security system to protect its own employees, they have still expanded their security search to include users who are not associated with the company.

When utilizing online networks, we should all just accept the fact that any information that we share will be used against us in some form or another. If you are frustrated with your boss, you’d better not say anything on Facebook because it will automatically be tracked and recorded as a threat that can be used to justify taking your data and reporting it to the authorities just in case you act out on your anger.

This is distressing but very real. It also serves as a reminder that what you say on Facebook might be misconstrued by the network’s security, and ultimately used against you…so watch yourself and learn how to free your angry thoughts in ways beyond sharing them on social media platforms such as Facebook.


  1. Barry Foltz

    I know first hand that they consider me a threat. I have been I Facebook Jail at least 7 times. 30 days on at least four. Facebook sucks.

  2. Pamela Scott

    I am currently banned for a comment I deleted withing several minutes of posting. What horrific threats dis i post? I told a Muslim to read his own book in response to his comment of all the horrible things in the Bible /Torah SERIOUSLY all I said wa “try rading your own book” That resulted in 60 day suspension that is currently in effect.

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