A Bad Look For Liberals

Jussie Smollett’s ridiculous stunt shows that even gay black men can be racist idiots, but it also proves that the liberal media enables them.

Last year, I was involved in an incident where someone called me “an old Jew bastard.” I was thinking about reporting it to police as a hate crime, but this guy was an old Jew bastard too. I didn’t know if this exactly fit into the accepted classification of “hate crime,” so I just let it go.

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Now, there’s no doubt that crimes occur where hate is the motivating factor, but which crimes don’t fall under this category?

So to begin with, “hate crime” is a pretty ambiguous moniker. Maybe we should use more specific categories like “racist crime” (for crimes committed solely on the basis of the victim’s race or religion), “heterosexualist crimes” (against LGBTers and such, or vice versa), or “politicalist crimes” (committed against those who disagree with the perpetrator’s politics).

In the case of Empire star and Idiot of the Year winner Jussie Smollett, none of the above applies, but that didn’t stop the liberal news media from riding the story like a drunk cowboy on a bull at the rodeo.

“Trump created those MAGA racists who did this to Jussie!”

But can you imagine CNN et al. ’s embarrassment when they had to revise their stories to read, “Trump made Jussie concoct the story and made him lie about the whole thing!” Talk about egg on your face. It was a massive 6-egg Spanish omelet.

Some of you younger folks (I’m an old Jew bastard, remember?) might not know that the term “hate crime” didn’t always exist. The intentions for its creation seemed admirable at the time, pegging additional penalties to crimes where race, gender, or other biases were a factor.

The problem is, the criminal mind is a complicated thing, and not only doesn’t an additional charge like “hate crime” not preventing further occurrences, but it also does nothing to prevent hate in the first place, the kind that Jussie Smollett himself demonstrated. (Although he did indeed commit a hate crime as well, by the very nature of his fraud.)

At the time of his false police report, he suspiciously refused to turn over his cell phone to police. He claimed that two white men tracked him down at 2 AM in Chicago based on his gay black liberal celebrity…when it was 18 degrees below zero…as he was taking a walk to pick up a sandwich. They screamed, “This is MAGA country!” and threw a noose around his neck and spilled bleach on him.

Now, for all of you potential evil-doers out there, here’s a bit of advice…

The police are not idiots, and you are not smarter than them. It didn’t take them long to uncover that this disgusting, white, homophobic conspiracy against Smollett was actually a disgusting conspiracy perpetrated by Smollett himself. To make the whole thing even more laughable — his attackers were black — they were friends of Smollett, paid to do it, and they don’t even dislike Trump!

Even when the truth of the hoax began to reveal itself, liberal media and progressive Democrats continued to make excuses for him. It was still Trump’s fault for creating an environment in which a poor (metaphorically speaking, not financially) gay black man felt compelled to take this action because of all the hate around and against him and his “type,” as if pulling two bigoted white men out of thin air is all about peace and love.

At the time of this writing, Smollett doesn’t want to talk to the police any further. His world is crashing down right now because he knows that unlike the fictitious crime he invented to advance his distorted political agenda, a grand jury indictment is very real and headed his way.

Let’s see what the liberal media and progressives have to say about that.


  1. David in Dallas

    I’m against the whole idea of “hate crimes” because they have to be defined based on an assumption of what the criminal was thinking. I believe it is wrong to punish someone for what they think–crimes are what someone DOES, not what someone THINKS. A murder is a murder not matter what the murderer was thinking at the time, and the victim is just as much dead. We should punish for crimes and not be so concerned about categorizing them into different types.

  2. Lee Jenkinson

    I am curious as to what is going through the minds of people when they concoct these bizarre types of schemes. I can only assume that narcissism and self absorption play a significant role because the perpetrators always seem to believe that their scheme is “foolproof” when it is, in fact, laughably stupid. I suppose that they are simply nowhere near as intelligent as they obviously believe they are. To ruin your life and career because you believed that you weren’t getting paid enough (when his weekly paycheck probably exceeded my yearly income) is ego and vanity taken to surreal extremes. If, as it seems, he also sent the threatening letter, he is looking at considerable prison time: and all for a few extra dollars and attention.

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