It’s a PC World Bro

In the words of our dear old friend Wikipedia, political correctness is described as follows:

“Using words or behavior which will not offend any group of people.

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Seems like a pretty understandable concept to follow, right? The fact that we know that words we are transmitting to others can be perceived as offensive. Therefore, the channels of general transmission must be withheld of any pejorative conflict.

As a collective, the world must revolve around an idea that negativity bestowed on others should not be tolerated. What about PC Culture can really change the future of this country? Is it even something that will progress to be taken more seriously, or will it wither away and be forgotten as if it were never a thing in the first place?

Well, there’s no way in hell this ideology is going away, especially anytime soon. We can all thank the millennials for that! Of course, no one can say it’s a bad thing to have humans enhance their sense of morality and encourage a desire to be “nicer” to each other.

How great would it be if the world revolved around giving, instead of taking? Or if we completely disregarded the sense of differences in the world, love can prevail over hate?

It truly is something special to see that the youth is standing up to the prominent concepts of our forefathers. To be able to live by wanting good for others and not degrade people by saying things you believe to be offensive. It does, however, bring about difficulty in the format of how we “should” live our lives.

After generations of different outlooks and aspects of societal norms, we have developed an understanding of the past that will always linger throughout civilization. 9/11 will absolutely be in textbooks years from now, and that in itself has depicted how the world perceived a specific culture. In this instance, it’s the Islamic Religion. Another example can be slavery and the public stance it holds in the world today.

One other way the whole PC culture can experience some walls along its progression is through the lack of common perception. Instead of going about the ways of others, some have grown up in an environment where the vocabulary they were raised upon was the norm. The idea of this shows that even though an individual is saying something offensive, it doesn’t entirely come across to them as being offensive. To represent this, An article expressed:

“It seems like every day you wake up something has changed … Do you say, Jew? Or Jewish? Is it a black guy? African-American? … You are on your toes because you never know what to say. So political correctness in the sense is scary.”

Everyone has their own part to play in the world, a role in guiding the flow of how society is structured, which is conveyed through our own interpretations of it. Consideration is the key to really getting to the core foundation of what PC culture truly represents. Be considerate of those who are different, and be considerate of the feelings and emotional grounds of which each individual walks upon.


  1. Highsider

    The sad truth is that PC is a wrench in Satan’s tool box. It is being used to suppress truth. If the truth is not a convenient thing in the milleu of what one prefers to live like and by, all one has to do is whip out the old wrench and express resentment at having heard it! Presto….,..someone is guilty of being insensitive and focus is diverted from truth and redirected to the great god, PC.
    Is that any way to run reality?

  2. Political Correctness is a condition of a godless society. Once upon a time children were taught to respect their 1) Elders 2) one another 3) others differences, but this was somthing unique to the United States because the U.S at its core is a Christian nation, it wasnt until the early 80s when the U.S government and its flawed ability to govern smaller entities such as small town and townships and our smaller cities that in our government’s infinite wisdom decided that we Americans must take the Bible and God out of our childrens lives, and i personally believe this was done to make way for a growing number of immigrants, mostly wealthier immigrants from the middle east that were beginning to migrate here especially to our colleges and universities in order to become doctors, businessmen, and scientist within our society, which in turn allowed a great number of middle easterners to buy up hotels, gas stations, and convenient stores to set the foundation for the next bigger wave of middle eastern muslims to migrate here which is what we see today, not only a strong muslim foundation and our Christian foundation eroding, but now even a infiltration of muslims and their religion into our established government, and now they have the ability to change laws and policies against our own Christian values as well as use their training and rhetoric to divide and create hatred towards our own Christian and Jewish society, and of course “political correctness” is just another tool created and given to these new breed of so called “radical leftest” politicians, but i as a Christian American like to refer to them as intruders from outside our borders here to destroy our Christian roots and foundation and implement their own culture and religion upon U.S, which i think many who are blind to this intrusion and support these outsiders and their culture will find that they are not as inclusive as we Americans are, and once they have the power they need will use it in a hostile way towards those who oppose their ways. Political Correctness is nothing more than a tool created by our enemies to use against U.S, just another way to divide and conquer U.S and i must say Bravo, they are literally genius in a strategic manner of speaking. ✌😎✌

  3. Richard Hennessy

    Highsider is absolutely right. Avoiding offense is a desirable thing, but truth must be paramount. Currently PC effort is being made to suppress truth.

  4. Helen

    PC is a wrench in Satan’s toolbox? No, that wrench would be ignorance. Truth can be expressed in a multitude of ways that do not include racism, sexism, prejudice, or anything else used to oppress people. Maybe some writing classes would be a better option to expand your ability to communicate, instead of throwing out poor excuses for wanting to remain stunted.

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