Pastor Fakes Resurrection And Gets Sued

A South African pastor named Alph Lukau held a funeral service for a man in front of his churchgoers and shocked his audience when he allegedly brought the dead man back to life, according to Fox News.

This did not sit well with several funeral directors, however, and the pastor is now facing lawsuits.

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The funeral companies suing the pastor claim that they were lied to in order for their equipment and hearse to be utilized for free. Additionally, the funeral companies feel that their reputations were scathed after the display.

The pastor’s ministry was later quoted as admitting that the “dead” man was already alive when he arrived. The entire stunt was questioned by outsiders as a means for the pastor to impress churchgoers so that they could donate money to the church.

When the church takes advantage of the poor

Events like this are most unfortunate because they add yet another bad taste in the mouths of outsiders who currently question the honesty of the church.

Although this event occurred in South Africa, it is still very relevant to American churches and how American clergy are sometimes known for being associated with sexual assault, robbery, and the mishandling of congregational funds.

The people who suffer the most from these types of unfortunate activities within the church are the poor. It’s the poor within society who seek something to believe in, something to assist in their being motivated, and something to provide them with hope. It’s unfortunate that we are currently seeing clergy throughout the world taking advantage of those who have so little to give.

Pastor Lukau claimed that all he had to do was yell “rise up” to bring a dead man back to life. There is a video of this event that has gone viral and it shows the pastor yelling at the dead body, commanding it to do just that. When the dead man comes to life, he can be seen slowly lifting his body from the casket.

As the “resurrected” man sits in the casket and looks around, you can hear the churchgoers cheering and applauding. The only problem for the pastor is that not everyone believes in miracles. The funeral directors stated that “Miracles don’t happen” and they came together to sue the pastor for wasting their time and resources. Now, the war is truly on.

The pastor did not personally make a statement after the alleged resurrection, and he did not step forward to defend his actions. Instead, the pastor remained silent and allowed his ministry to speak on his behalf. It’s interesting that the ministry admitted that the entire thing was a hoax. The unfortunate thing, however, is that they did not explain why the event took place. This is how allegations of the ministry merely taking advantage of the poor by setting up the “showcase” to raise money came to be.

Clergy are merely humans who have the ability to lie, cheat, and steal. The churchgoing population are often victims of clergy because they place such a great deal of trust in all that they say and do. It’s true that clergy have a responsibility to be honest and forthright in their profession, but when they fail to do so, it is up to each individual to protect themselves by taking the time to really evaluate anything the church presents. It’s truly the only way to ensure that some clergy maintain a certain level of integrity while sharing the word of God.

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