Old Guys and Socialists Need Not Apply

According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll, if you’re over 75-years old and a socialist running for the presidency, don’t waste your time.

At least that’s what a majority of registered voters polled indicated. Only 25% of respondents ranked being a “socialist” as a desirable trait for a candidate, while “someone over 75” was desirable to only 37%.

The poll also found that voters were more acceptable to candidates who were gay, lesbian, independent or under 40-years of age.

When the topic of President Trump came up, 41% of those polled acknowledged they would “definitely or probably vote for Trump in 2020.”

On the flip side, 48% acknowledged they would vote for the Democratic candidate.

Ironically the two frontrunners picked by Democrats thus far is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a committed Socialist, clocking in at 77-years old, and undecided former Vice President Joe Biden, at 76-years of age, still figuring if he’s relevant after two failed bids for the White House. Trump, the youngest of the three, is 72.

Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who worked on the survey, said, “We’re getting early signals from Democratic primary voters that they are looking for a bigger change and someone who agrees with them on policy.”

Although the 2020 Presidential election is better then 12-months away, Democrats by a margin of 55% what their nominee to propose programs and policies that can actually be implemented bringing major policy changes, rather than suggesting less change.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for Republicans is the Presidents resiliency regardless of the continued unabated negative news fostered daily by the mainstream media. The President still enjoys a 46% approval rating, which actually ticked up three percentage points from 43% in January. Remarkably that’s the exact same percentage for Obama during the same period of his presidency; however, Obama had a fawning media running interference for him, while Trumps negative media coverage stands around 95%.

Aside from the Presidents approval rating holding steady, 88% of Republicans continue to support him. However, 38% of those Republicans (the RINO’s) would like to see another Republican challenger to the President, almost assuring (if that should ever happen), a Democratic win in 2020. However, 59% say they’re opposed to such an asinine idea.

McInturff said that despite the minority of voters (41%), who said they’d vote again for the President in 2020, Trump can take solace in the voter’s upbeat views of the economy. A majority of Americans surveyed said they don’t believe there will be an economic recession in the coming year.

“As long as these economic numbers look like this, that always keeps an incumbent President in the race,” he said.

The poll also asked responders about our two-party system, regarding outside Presidential candidates running as third-party nominees, namely someone like former Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz running as an Independent. Only 38% of those surveyed acknowledged that the two-party system is seriously broken and that a third party would be a viable option.

However, that 38% figure is the highest percentage regarding a third party option since 1995.

Obviously, any poll conducted in 2019, is nothing more than a brief snapshot of where voters are today regarding an election still far into the future.

The NBC/WSJ poll of 900 adults was conducted on Feb. 24th and 27th  and had an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points. The survey also measured 720 registered voters including primary voters from both parties with higher margins of error.


  1. Joe G Sanchez

    Is this site an exclusive LGBQ whatever website or a Socialist/Communist one, that doesn’t have the balls, to challenge the lesser of the population, with Mental illness.

  2. Depack Shopra

    Never trust any Polls taken, most Trump supporters answer polls against Trump, since it worked so well in the Republican Primaries, then again in the General Election against HRC. All the news outlets were unknowingly reporting polls with Hillary ahead by a wide margin.

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