The Media’s Obsession with Skin Color is Making Us All Crazy

Black skin and its many different shades has been the obsession of the media.

First, the media continued to distribute images, stories, and reports of White women who were wearing makeup that was too dark — of which led Black women to lose it when Black men found them to be a better looking ‘Black woman’ than an actual Black woman.

Then the media circulated any story or image that promoted the ‘blackface’ issue that rocked racial tension. Now, we are seeing stories being circulated online of Black people who are having problems with the skin tone of other Black people. Wow. Hats off to the media for successfully creating propaganda that worked its magic on keeping individuals divided over dumb crap.

If conspiracy theorists were to meet up in a room, they would swear that the continued attention that the media places on skin tone is just another way of giving people something to think about so that they aren’t focused on the real issues that matter. Currently, we are a nation facing political and economic change that will ultimately either help or harm the status of every American citizen’s future, along with the future of their children.

According to economic reports, we are slated for another recession in 2019 and we are far from prepared. Our foreign policies have been such that our prices have exploded on products due to the tariffs imposed on other countries by Trump, and yet we continue to spend like there is no tomorrow. To make all of this worse, the government continues to set American’s up so that we can depend on them for our health, living, and financial needs. Can you say ‘Communism’?

With everything that is occurring around us, why is it necessary to focus on the shades of our skin? It’s as if the media has grasped the issue of race, along with our current level of societal divide, and brought them together with a topic that everyone could embrace and claim—all in an effort to keep our minds busy and entertained. The sad part about all of this is that most individuals within society give in to the temptation of allowing the media to dictate what they think, feel, and believe.

Thus, the case with Black skin. Currently, Blacks have allowed themselves to adopt the attention given to their skin so much so, that they are now beating one another up for their complexion. Take the latest case, for example.

Currently, Will Smith is slated to play the role of Venus and Serena Williams’ father in an upcoming biopic titled King Richard. Black people are losing their minds over this because they are not happy with the fact that Will Smith’s skin tone is too light to play the role.

The father of the two athletes is dark skinned and Blacks feel that someone with dark skin should play the part, instead. Ridiculous. First Blacks get upset because they are not portrayed positively in movies, and now they are pissed because they are not seeing enough dark-skinned individuals playing roles. When will the madness end?

One can only hope that time will allow every individual to open their eyes and see that they are being played like fiddles by the media, politicians, and corporations. The big three are experts at manipulating people so that they can achieve an underlying goal. The only goal that we, as American citizens, should be focused on is ensuring that our futures are secure in this unstable environment.

As the media giants have proven time and time again—it’s the color green that matters most. Too bad we allow them to fool us into believing anything else. Let’s just hope that by the time we open our eyes and see that we’ve been focusing our attention in the wrong direction for years that it won’t be too late.


  1. Jonathan Whaley

    I wish it really was conspiracy theory, unfortunately, it is the plain truth. Racial and religious division is big money and great for political gain. Through chaos you can control. Give the people something to focus on and you can do ultimately anything you want. It’s how magicians trick you. This has been going on for a long long time, but has increased to an unprecedented level over the last 30 years with the political correctness movement. Smoke and mirrors, slide of hand, divide and concur are all tools of the political trade, propaganda is just a tool of the mind control game. It is truly a sad world we live in today. President Trump is trying his best to set us back on a course for America first, but he is an outsider to the political climate. Thus both Republicans and Democrats are fighting against him, cause it means less for them and more for us. Over regulation kills small businesses and unchecked tarrif free imports kill American jobs. Unchecked immigration pays less into the system as they received benefits meant for citizens. Communism and socialism kill imagination, creativity, and
    entrepreneurship. The poor will always want to be rich and the rich will always want to maintain their position and stifle anyone threatening thier position and use the government and propaganda machines to do so. Be careful of who you follow and learn to question and think for yourself. Selfless leadership is a rarity.

  2. J Edward Clark

    Most people are trapped in the schoolyard, and are DYSFUNCTIONAL TEENS, even if they are 50 or more years old physically So you are right on target about the eadily MANIPULATed dummies. We can let them run the world directly or indirectly. One way We fight them is leaving COMMON SENSE articles and information where ever we go . Drs offices , airports, and any other gathering places in order to counter the floo ofBS from the CULTS

  3. Caroline G. Atkinson

    I appreciated your thoughts here very much. just a couple things though.
    We do need strong clear regs and laws on immigration, absolutely. But one thing you need to know- I worked for the system for years as did my parents- and immigrants can’t receive benefits that citizens do.! Cannot receive them and do not.

    Agree about Communism killing the drive and creativity we Americans have!

    One more thing though., I don’t think Pres. Trump is to blame for how things are in the USA any more than I am,.

    However, he is the most tricky sleight of hand artist going. Don’t kid yourself.
    He isn’t really trying to get *us* back on track.
    He wants to look good at his job, and keep money where *he* wants it. Not for “us”.

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