The British Aren’t So Tolerate After All

Here in America we are acutely aware that our cousins across the Atlantic think they are better than us. What with their manners, fancy accents and drab personalities… how can you blame them.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions about the British is that they are above discrimination. It’s a running joke that Americans are ignorate racist buffoons but where did we learn to behave so ghastly?? Perhaps we were buffoons long before stepping foot on American soil…

In fact, Britain’s royal family is currently struggling to fight a very real problem. It has recently been reported on CNN that Prince Harry, along with the Kensington Palace staff, are currently working double overtime to delete racist comments on their online feeds that are geared toward the Duchess of Sussex.

They are even going as far as utilizing special software that can filter out the use of the n-word, along with emojis that contain guns and knives. What brought all of this on so suddenly, you might ask? Believe it or not, the family states that these insults began moments after the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy. So basically, people are not trying to have a bi-racial baby in the big house!

This news is very interesting because it leads one to wonder what people thought would happen when Meghan and Harry married. Did folks think that they would marry and just sleep in separate beds, not having any sort of contact that would bring life into the world?

Don’t people understand that the royal family is really just a political group that’s all about bringing new blood into the fold? They hold no power, but they reflect a history in Britain that the people truly embrace and respect. With that said, Meghan came into the picture and everyone commented, but not so much that things had to be done to protect the family’s good name.

And let’s be real here. The royal family is no stranger to drama. Prince Charles kicked off the drama when he cheated on Harry’s mom with an old chick. Then he moves the old woman into the house! He didn’t care how the boys felt about it. When Prince Charles did all of this, people did not throw him out with the dish water! They continued to show their respect. Then Prince Williams met and married Kate, who everyone called a ‘working class’ individual…but the public got over it when she began to wear conservative dresses. It’s amazing what a dress that covers your knees can do to calm an uneasy public.

So now we have a pregnant Black woman in the house who seemingly drives people into an angry uproar every time she rubs her ‘mommy belly’ in public. People are threatening to kill her, they want her dead, they hate her baby (even though they haven’t met the baby yet), they think she’s ghetto (even though she wears those same long ass ‘knee covers’ that Kate wears), and they think she’s tainting the already tainted family. Wow.

What does Harry have to say about all of this? Well, let’s just say that he is doing all that he can to keep those n-words at bay so that Meghan will not be subject to the harsh realities of the bigotry, ignorance, and racism that abounds throughout the world. Oh, if only the world could be more like the rules of the royal family! To publicly fight for decency, all while doing the dirt behind the scenes.

In America, we do just the reverse…well…we just do dirt mostly, be it publicly or otherwise. However, that’s not the point! The point is that rather than finding software that blocks the n-word, maybe the royal family should use their good name, their reputation, and the respect that they hold by the people to educate their followers so that they can actually begin the process of making a difference.

Show the world that they are more than boring, pastel dresses and big hats, or smiles and waves…show the ability, instead, to connect with the people who live outside of their storybook lives and help us all learn how to be decent. It’s a stretch, but hey…can’t hate me for asking.


  1. Byron Jones

    WHY is it that ‘everything’ has to revolve around fucking America? No wonder the rest of the world laughs at America. I, for one, was not happy that HRH Harry married an ‘American’, much less a black. That ghetto slapper needed to have stayed on the western side of The Pond. Unfortunately, HRH Harry must have overdosed on the progressive Kool-Aid to the point He felt he was the one to bring the Royal Family into the NWO when it comes to race. God Save The Queen, God Save Great Britain🇬🇧.

  2. Lynn Schnebly

    Rachel Meghan Markle is herself racists and sexist…No she is a woman of color, but she has never actually married or dated a black or minority man, or had black girlfriends until very recent…Until the Obama’s took her under their wings in 2013-2014, she had done nothing as a feminist, environmentalist, worked with children, the military…nothing. Her African American family was not invited to the wedding…Really…As for her family feud, the Queen and the Church of England have mediators which could have been send out two years ago to clear things up…How did the Queen agree to such a problem; she had no choice…Markle’s pregnancy is a lie of shifting tummy and make-up that is some days almost white and others honey brown…It is very unfortunate that racist comments are overshadowing the very great concerns over Meghan Markle and I wonder, if like the made up problems with her family which has been used to garnish support, if many of these racists comments aren’t coming from her own publicist…Freud company, Williams, Obama, Marcus Anderson, and her many gay friends.

  3. Lynn Schnebly

    I just submitted a lengthy comment, which upon submission said that publication was waiting upon moderation. I took screenshots of this. Other than a few typos, e.g. She is a woman of color, not “no”, although on a early resume she claims to be caucasian, and recent should have said recently…or clarification that her commercial protest was non-feminist specific, pertained to the fact that her dad did most of these dishes, and he set up the school lesson shoot, as she is flaked by two white girls, just as I am sure her dad and family are part of the Meghan drama to make her look good, how else could this go on and no one says anything about that foul shifting bump…To close, I submitted my earlier comment about 11:52 Eastern Standard, but the submission time was posted the next day and four hours ahead…You are not a US company/journalust, but projecting
    yourself as one.?

  4. Barbara

    Her father is white so what is the problem? Half black, so which half is black which half is white? Her mother does not look full black, soooooo

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