Working Out Makes You A Cheater?

Popular culture loves a good study. And by study, I mean a poorly controlled focus group or research project created by a college freshman.

Are these studies usually reliable or valid? Well no, but they are interesting and that’s all that really matters right?

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According to a recent “scientific” study, when your husband suddenly becomes dedicated to his daily workouts and he shows signs of being overly concerned with his looks… he’s probably attempting to look good for reasons other than you.

The proof is in the pudding

Ashley Madison is an infidelity-based dating site that took a survey of hundreds of individuals who anonymously shared their reasons for looking their very best. The surprise was that over three-quarters of those surveyed admitted that they got into shape for their flings, rather than doing so for their spouses.

The survey also went further by sharing that an increase in exercise led to an increase in the person’s libido (which wasn’t the best of news for spouses who didn’t have matching level libido’s). “There’s strong evidence that spouses with misaligned sex drives are more likely to cheat,” stated Paul Keable, Chief Strategy Officer at Ashley Madison.

Other reasons he might stray

The survey did not merely suggest that your spouse’s new workout regimen should raise a red flag, but it also suggested that the reason he even got there was because he may have felt the need to be wanted. Family men typically deal with the responsibility of the family and work hard to ensure stability. This leaves little room for romance.

When couples get together, especially if they have been married for a number of years, they talk about their children, the bills, and other details as they relate to the family’s interest. When the time comes for romance or having his ego stroked, he looks to other women who are willing and able to provide him with the attention he seeks.

Many husbands who completed the survey shared that they wanted a companion that they could communicate with about things outside of the family…something they felt they could not achieve with their wives. They sought spice, excitement, and something different—all of which they felt they could find from another woman.

Women aren’t excluded

Although the survey talked about men, it has been discovered by similar surveys that women are not innocent of indecent activities outside of their marriage. For many of the same reasons that men feel they cheat, women also find themselves seeking someone who can “take them away” from the constant reminder of their home life reality.


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