Who Would Believe CNN Now?

Acclaimed Democratic Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox News Sunday to acknowledge that the President had a “good day” before turning his sights towards CNN and the rest of the progressive media outlets — which he stated, “misinformed the American public.” 

The truth regarding the hyped Russian collusion hoax was finally laid to rest Sunday afternoon when Attorney General William Barr delivered to Congress and the public a 4-page summary of Robert Muller’s report, exonerating the President of any wrongdoing.  

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A visibly animated Dershowitz told Bream it was a “very, very bad day for CNN.” 


“I have to tell you, they should be hanging their head in shame when you think about how many people went out on a limb and predicted there would be indictments for obstruction, there would be indictments for collusion, there would be indictments for this and for that. They made it seem like it was an open and shut case, and they misinformed the American public, and they have to have some public accountability when you say things that turn out not to be true.” 

Dershowitz continued, “Look, I’ve been vindicated. I’ve been saying this from day one and been criticized and condemned for simply doing a legal analysis that I think any reasonable, objective, nonpartisan lawyer would have done, would have come to the same conclusion I came to and, essentially, the conclusion that was come to today by the attorney general.” 

However CNN wasn’t the only leftist media network suffering a collective meltdown, across another part of town in the Big Apple, MSNBC was having its biggest temper tantrum yet since Trump beat the pants suit out of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election. 

Remarkably special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, was supposed to be the one to deliver the coup de grace, the deathblow, a finishing stroke, but instead delivered a report that completely exonerated the President, which almost immediately had rabid Democrats denouncing Mueller, demanding that he come before Congress and explain what happened. 

Over at MSNBC, an emotionally shocked and bewildered Chris Matthews fumed, “How could they let Trump off the hook?” While Chuck Todd lamented that America was heading towards a “banana republic, and back in the studio a teary-eyed Rachel Maddow cried.   

Ronna McDaniel apparently witnessing the universal meltdown tweeted out; “I haven’t seen MSNBC this upset since Election Night 2016.” 

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) March 23, 2019 

Over at ABC, Senior National Correspondent Terry Moran angrily called out former CIA Director John Brennan, stating that the former Communist Party supporter “Has A Lot to answer for,” regarding his misleading rants calling President Trump a traitor on-air multiple times.  

“John Brennan has a lot to answer for—going before the American public for months, cloaked with CIA authority and openly suggesting he’s got secret info, and repeatedly turning in performances like this.”  

— Terry Moran (@TerryMoran) March 25, 2019 

Glenn Greenwald a respected lawyer, journalist, and author, also weighed in on the Brennan fiasco, condemning outright MSNBC for hiring the ex-CIA director to serve as one of their political analysts, suggesting he used his airtime to “abuse our airwaves to disseminate self-serving disinformation.” 

Adding in a tweet, “You can’t blame MSNBC viewers for being confused. They largely kept dissenters from their Trump/Russia spy tale off the air for 2 years. As recently as 2 weeks ago, they had @JohnBrennan strongly suggesting Mueller would indict Trump family members on conspiring against the United States as his last act:  

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 23, 2019 

Moreover that’s where the real damage has been done, among those viewers who turned to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC for their news source, and were betrayed by a group of self-serving individuals with an agenda, these so-called “journalist, political pundits, analysts” and even some with impressive credentials like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, have all lost credibility.      








  1. Brando

    I believe CNN about as much as I believe Fox news and most of the rest of the mainstream media. And just because no collusion was found doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Trump covers his a$$ like a school girl at a frat party. This investigation exonerated Trump about as much as OJ’s aquital exonerated him.

  2. Claude Melanson

    Still don’t think much will change with any of these News Organazations …. They will never hold an ounce of credibility as far as I’m concerned . It’s time for a Regenaration ! Starting With Your Fired ! Although it has been a very amusing ride ;()

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