Calm Down Liberals, It’s Just a Typo!

I have a hobby, one which annoys friends and family and keeps me from getting invited to the best parties in town:

I find typos everywhere I look, whether I try to or not. I’m a typo geek.

For many years, I was a copy editor/proofreader for a large publishing company, and later a major Madison Avenue advertising agency. Whether my typo-hunting gene came at birth or was subsequently mega-developed by this kind of work, I don’t know.

However, I find the left’s recent outrage over Fox News’ typo hilarious… and sad.

Is this the best the left can come up with to attack the right after their recent collusion disaster? Do they really believe that anyone at Fox News, even the “lowest” of their support personnel, actually think there are three Mexican countries?

It was just a typo and doesn’t reflect on the intelligence of their newspeople! 

What happened here, and I’m 100% sure of this, is that a typist or other member of their graphics department “mind-filled” the word “Mexican” where it didn’t belong. In other words, the piece of paper said “Central American,” the typist read this and glanced away from the paper to the keyboard, and “Mexican” is what her brain synapses told her. This happens all the time. It’s what we all know and love and refer to as the “brain fart.”

Or someone mistakingly put “Mexican” on the paper she was working from, and mindlessly (which is how good typists are supposed to work), that’s what she keyed into the graphic.

Granted, someone at Fox News should be checking this stuff, but I guarantee you that no one at any of the news networks adequately checks these on-air graphics, especially the moving “crawl” at the bottom of the screen. I’m a typo geek, remember? Do you believe me? Please do. I swear on the Bible of Typo-Free Typography.

I would like to introduce myself to you, the nut who rewinds his DVR to take a photo of the TV screen of any typo I see on a cable news network, to then post it on Facebook with some clever, condescending joke or banter. You can imagine how many Facebook friends I’ve lost over the years with this kind of behavior, but who cares? If it doesn’t drive them crazy when they see “Bogota, Columbia,” (it’s “Colombia!), I don’t want anything to do with them anyway.

I see simple mistakes like this all of the time, on all of the networks, conservative and liberal, and for the simplest of things. I’m always running to my phone to take that photo and then it’s right to Facebook.

“It’s ‘its’ you idiot! Not ‘it’s!’ ”

“Western Hemispheres? There’s more than one now!?”

“Belgium, Brussels!? Did the country and capital recently trade names!? Are you total morons!?”

But every now and then, I’m able to calm myself (it’s a real struggle though), because deep down I know that they’re not stupid. These are just typos, honest mistakes, and I think back to my career in copy editing:

I edited the work of some pretty brilliant people, but many of them were quite weak when it came to the grammatic arts. That’s why I had a job in the first place, but my job paid one fifth of what their jobs paid, so who’s the real idiot now?

Case closed, and in the case of this “Three Mexican Countries” bombshell, the liberals shouldn’t get too excited over it. It doesn’t really prove anything, and the only one affected by it is some poor secretary who’s in a lot of trouble now, maybe even lost her job, just for having a bad day.

And when it comes to having a bad day, based on their recent Mueller experiences, the liberals should at least be a little more sympathetic to that.




  1. Are there any editors or proof readers anymore? There is very little in print and on line that doesn’t contain errors. I think it’s because everybody uses a computer with spell check and it goes straight to publication, bypassing any editors or proof readers who may be in the chain. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed something and discovered, in reading it, that I inserted a word that wasn’t part of what I wrote.

  2. Bill Riedel

    If the left came unglued at this, where was their outrage when Obama talked about “all 57 states” in the US?

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