Technology and It’s Misleading Support System

Our phones and tablets have become the most important relationships in our lives.

Not because they sanction our personal information or catalog our daily activity and uses. Not because they can provide instant answers or even because they serve as the most effective means of sharing information with others.

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Technology has become an extension of our actual selves while also providing emotional support at any given moment. It has swiftly taken the place of real-life human contact and interaction, thus creating a co-dependent relationship and a falsified sense of security.

The majority of us can’t go anywhere without our cell phones, and should the rare occasion come up where we forget it; we seem to be at a total loss of what to do, how to act, and where to look. Without a constant pulse on technology, most of us feel naked and vulnerable.

Technological devices allow us to be in constant contact with someone – anyone – at any given time and that’s comforting to most, but it’s also misleading.

Sharing memes on Facebook, participating in trending twitter hashtags, and commenting on Reddit threads is not analogous to authentic human interaction and intimacy. It merely serves as instant gratification to fill some kind of emotional void while simultaneously destabilizing your ability to interact with the world around you.

Video games are no different. Most implore you to create an avatar and an entire world within the game. Users get to create their very own little utopian society – a world where you don’t have to work at social skills or forming intimate bonds or bettering yourself as a whole.

And when enough people cave into that world of instant interaction and reinforcement, over time, it pulls at the threads of our REAL society.


  1. Ollie Octopus

    This is so true and is a pet peeve of mine. The smart phone is destroying the family! About 90% of the families I see when I go into a restaurant are not talking, but rather are on their cell phones. Some ten years ago I saw what was happening and decided I was not going to be controlled by some device. Since that date I have not sent or answered a single email on my cell phone, but wait until I get home and do it on my desktop or laptop. Parents, please make your kids put their cell phones away when eating out and have some family conversation. Kids are also getting on porn sites with them. I read that if a girl has a steady boyfriend she will most likely have sex by the 7th grade. If she is not going steady she might hold off until the 9th grade. The way the sex crime laws are written we may have a whole generation of young people on a sex offender list.

  2. Lee Jenkinson

    It is for the very reasons you write about that I and my wife do not own smart phones, or subscribe to any social media. I imagine sociologists are busy studying what is happening to our society with the advent of instant information and smart phones.

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