Reparations for Slavery: Who Should Pay?

The talk of reparations regarding the scourge of slavery was once again a main topic of conversation last weekend at the National Action Network convention, hosted by the “Reverend” Al Sharpton.

The love-fest included several 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates paying homage to “Reverend Al” and his political activist group of race-baiting hustlers, who’ve been engaged in the past of shaking down major corporations, with threats of boycotts, demonstration, and protests.

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Following his same basic concept of “racial injustice,” the “Rev” once again latched on to the emotional topic of slavery and of course reparations… Which raises the question of who should pay for it.

Of course, all those in attendance agreed that someone should pay restitution, or at least create a legislative body that would look into reparations for those individuals adversely impacted by the evils of slavery.

However all those directly affected have all died, many, many years ago, which means the question then becomes who is entitled to reparations?  Perhaps those ancestors and descendants of slaves, if they can be found, moreover is skin pigmentation and the fact that someone was a slave the only criteria in receiving reparations?

Considering there were over 2.2 million union soldiers (mostly white), who fought and died in the Civil War, shouldn’t they also receive reparations, for serving and in many instances sacrificing their lives?

And what of those slave states like Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, and others, should they be held accountable?

Then there are those entities that profited from the slave trade both politically and of course in commerce, namely southern democrats that fought for slavery and by extension created their own terrorist group dubbed the KKK, a savage political arm of the Democratic Party, that systematically terrorized blacks for countless decades, buying and selling them, and using them as forced labor to work on their plantations, and as domestics, and in many instances sexually assaulting the woman.

Also should American Indian tribes who also abused and captured blacks enslaving them even after the Civil War, selling them to other tribes be required to pay restitution?

Moreover will today’s 2020 Presidential Democratic candidates agreeing to look into reparations, look at their own sordid history for being instrumental within the slave trade — moreover refusing to sponsor, worst yet refusing to vote in favor of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, granting slaves citizenship, the right to vote, and “equal protection under the laws.”

The abridged version outlined makes clear that if reparations for slavery are taken seriously within Congress, then those who are actually guilty of the egregious act namely the Democratic Party, including those slave states should be held financially accountable.

The federal government should not be held accountable, in that a Civil War was fought to end slavery in which over 800,000 men fought and died on both sides of the divide, for the egregious sin of slavery, perpetrated by the Democratic Party.

President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, changed the legal status of more than 3.5 million enslaved African Americans in designated areas of the South, controlled by Southern Democrats from “slave” to “free.” The Republican President was assassinated because he wanted to abolish slavery.

Our Republic was on the right side of history, and should not be held accountable for the egregious conduct of the Democratic Party.


  1. Stanley Steamer

    Also, a very important point:

    Just because you’re black, that doesn’t mean you descend from slave families. In fact, the vast majority come from black immigrants post slavery, free blacks during the slavery years, and yes…slave owners themselves. Many blacks had their own slaves, or were involved in the slave trade.

    Some inconvenient facts for liberal Dem blacks who want to blame everything on slavery.

  2. Jerry

    Africa’s main product in those times was breeding it’s ;people to be sold as slaves for profit .I don’t see any responsability on our part. On the contrary We have given the lucky ones here American citizenship, education, and the good life along with plenty free stuff from American tax dollars. They have on the other hand have become a burden to the USA.

  3. Gary

    How about reparations to me . I’ve paid exorbitant taxes that was used to support blacks for years ion welfare and living in section 8 housing against my wishes. I want compensation for that and deserve it as well .

  4. Eric Liscom

    Actually, reparations were made after the war…land bought in Africa, etc….former slaves were offered the chance to return home, the country that came out of that was Liberia….
    As well, those that stayed here were offered land, drawn from the seized plantations, etc….. Guess who stopped that? Democrats….
    The rise of the KKK after the war was due to the fact that former slave owners were faced with their former slaves voting in their own people….and the Democrats of the time couldn’t have that…especially since those former slaves turned politicians were mostly Republican…thus the reaction and the KKK murdering them….ever since, the Democrats have dealt rather harshly with any black men who dared to defy their political rule….if not by outright murder, then by destroying their lives, jobs, etc….
    No man alive today has ever been one of those slaves, reparations is actually a way to steal money from those who are successful, based on lies told to black Americans by the Democrats, who are really Socialists pursuing the establishment of a Socialist utopia that has never worked anywhere and truly, never can….the utopia they are selling is only for the elites, everyone else will be slaves to them…their true goal is to achieve absolute power over everyone and everything…..a quest that can never be satisfied and always results in mass murder….

    • Jason

      What about black Africans who took white Europe as slaves where the reparations for that. Every race as been a slave to another at some point in history. Instead of trying to perpetuate This victim hood let do something better so no one repeats the past

  5. James

    If it is ever decided that anyone alive today owes reparation for what our ancestors did how are you going to decide who is descended from slaves and who isn’t? And haven’t they received reparation through welfare? But if reparation should come to pas it should be paid by the Democrats since they were the Slave Owners.

  6. Jim Eells

    The price was already paid for Slavery with 650,000 dead on the battlefields of the Civil War. Both Black and White.

  7. QuietDan

    By the end of the Civil War, more than 600,000 military personnel on both sides had died, their sacrifice freeing more than 2,000,000 slaves. For every military death, more than three slaves were freed. Perhaps that was reparations enough?

  8. John rich

    First off, reparations should be paid by the ones responsible for selling slaves(ie, other African tribes, Arabs, Portuguese, and the Dutch in Africa.). As far as present day African Americans, 1/2 of them are decendants from immigrants that came to this country After the civil war. As far as the ” reverand” Al Sharpton , he is actually a racial bigot. He gets his money off making appearances that incite racial discord. He incites racial problems were there is peace, and that is what he hates, people of different colors, and races getting along. Why doesn’t his Democratic friends pay the reparations seeing as how the democratic party was formed to protect slavery in the south. That is the main reason the Democratic party was founded, when the pro-slavery Republicans split from the Republican party in protest to the freeing of slaves. So, in ending this, let Al Sharpton, and the Democratic party pay the reparation, and leave the rest of the hard working peoples money alone.

  9. Ryan Pannell

    Bunch of idiots. Not one of you were a slave. I’ve never claimed to own anyone, especially you lazy scumbags. You’ve all been getting free sht for way too long in the first place.

  10. Charles van Buren

    “Then there are those entities that profited from the slave trade both politically and of course in commerce, namely southern democrats…”

    You completely ignore New England. The American slave trade was operated primarily by New Englanders even after it was made illegal. Family fortunes were founded on human misery.

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