Not All Americans Believe That A Wage Gap Exists

Women really do make less money than men. At least that’s what shows up on the 2017 wages and salary report based on gender and occupation published by the United States Census Bureau.

According to the American Community Survey, 2017 women earn 81 cents on the dollar compared to men. If you find that hard to believe, you’re not alone. Four out of ten people think the gender wage gap isn’t real but something made up by media.

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I took a job working for a small business owner, it surprised me that while we were in the process of hiring someone, he decided to pay a man more than me for a job that required less skill or experience than I had.

Was it insulting? Yes, Did I think it had to do with gender. Admittedly, the thought crossed my mind. I shared my story with a colleague who worked at a different company. He had been through something similar, only in his experience, a new hire made more than he did. The only difference between our stories was that the person who was hired was a male, and so was my friend.

It’s really hard to know, but when you look at media and news reports and hear horror stories from women about men who made more than they did for what seemed to be the same job, it’s hard to know if there is really a wage gap. Who is to know the truth?

As a teacher, everyone was hired at the same pay rate. You didn’t have to negotiate your salary. What a person could make was posted right on the district’s website.

If a teacher went back to school and earned a master’s degree or taught an extra class or sport, there was a stipend. Gender had nothing to do with how much money you made. I felt pretty confident that my male colleagues were treated the same, and when it came to talking about what you made each year, there was no need for secrecy.

I know for other jobs, particularly government ones, what you will make depends on certain factors: experience and sometimes, education. Even though most people don’t like having the government get involved in certain areas of their lives, I found the model refreshing when it came to what you made and the benefits an employee would receive.


  1. My opinion the federal government has no business being involved in wages labor and 95% of the things you’re involved in. The things they should be involved in the piss in the American people’s face,By using federal tax dollars illegally giving them to illegal aliens when they’re denying the American people of what they swore on their oath of office and that was to protect the American people, the borders and our wealth of which they have done none of the above and creating a taxing sleeping debt for our children but they will not get out from under and they will be working for the scum bag really late if they want to call their selves Democrats which they are communist

  2. Lee Jenkinson

    I’m not sure what to think about this post. The first partseems to support the premise that there may indeed be a wage gap between women and men, except that four out of ten people don’t believe it, then kind of shoots that down with the story of her friend, which implies that it may just be arbitrary decisions by employers, then goes on to relate the transparency that exists as far as wages go for certain professions and institutions, so that I am left no more enlightened than before I started reading this post, perhaps less…

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