Pennsylvania Mayor Arrested for Pointing “Loaded Gun” at Teen

Kevin Gross, the mayor of Derry Borough Pa., is facing some serious charges after being arrested for pointing a “loaded gun” at a group of teenagers. The act followed a childish dispute among the teens, which apparently involved the mayor’s son. When the 38-year old mayor suddenly showed up, he was reportedly brandishing a firearm.

No one actually knows what set off Gross.

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Whatever the underlined cause, we’re witnessing the slow and continued erosion of those individuals we’ve entrusted to govern honestly within our society and in our best interest.

Gross, is now facing a multitude of charges including aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and harassment stemming from the incident Sunday night.

Pennsylvania State Police recounted the incident to local media outlet KDKA, it began as a normal dispute among teenagers concerning a maker and “some graffiti being drawn on a bench.” The dispute apparently involved some physical contact in which the mayor’s son suffered a minor scratch on his arm.

Paul Luna, a resident within the community, witnessed the teen altercation and told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “When you freak these kids out, it will be in their conscious for the rest of their lives.”

Adding, “He (Gross) shouldn’t have gone down there with a firearm around those children. This was a kid thing, and it should have been handled differently.”

Luna recounted what occurred when the mayor showed up brandishing the loaded firearm, pointing it at a 15-year boy ordering him to get on the ground, he then turned to the three girls standing nearby and ordered them to place their cell-phones and belongings on the park bench, stating that they were “not allowed” to call their parents.

However, in the interim a few of the parents somehow became aware of what was going on in the park and rushed over to where the confrontation was located hoping to defuse the dangerous situation, at which point police also arrived on the scene, disarming Gross who later admitted he pointed the loaded handgun at the teenager.

Gross has since stepped down as mayor and is currently being held in Westmoreland County Prison, on $20,000 bond.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Stephen Limani summed up the incident saying, “It was over a marker, and some graffiti being drawn on a bench. And it was over the younger children having the marker and not giving the marker back,” explains Limani. “It was definitely over the top.”

The boy’s mother was furious, however, declined to speak to the media. However, Jason Caldwell, another resident did agree to be interviewed on camera.

“He (Gross) seems like a loose cannon. You know, to pull a gun on two kids having a scrap in a park- I just don’t think he should be in office any more basically. No, you don’t pull a gun on a 15-year-old or anybody, any kid in a park having a fight with kids his age. You just don’t do it,” Caldwell said.

This brings us back to the wider issue of what’s going on with public elected officials on both sides of the political aisle, who’ve somehow abandoned their oath of office and in many incidents take the law into their own hands.

Several months ago I wrote about a local Florida mayor who actually opened fire on deputies attempting to serve him with a search warrant at his home. This guy has been re-arrested and now faces additional charges for conspiring with the town’s acting mayor in attempting to obstruct an active criminal investigation against him.

Former Port Richey Mayor Dale Glen Massad, 68, was re-arrested Wednesday after police said he and acting mayor Terrance Rowe, 64, conspired to intimidate a city police officer involved in Massad’s Feb. 21 arrest.


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  1. I suppose we now start hearing about the stressful positions these two men had. Get real, they are both smaller town mayors. It seems politics are not role here as one is a republican, the other a democrat. The Florida mayor was, however a real nut case. Known for his drug use at 68, his girlfriend was an older semi-retired prostitute. The cops were there because he was practicing medicine without a license, which was taken in 1992. The Northern mayor had no real criminal record before this incident.

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