Loony NYC Mayor: Lets Scrap Classic Skyscrapers

Democrats are definitely making headlines, whether it’s banning farting cows and air travel or allowing radical Islamic terrorists in prison for murder an opportunity to vote, progressives are certainly becoming the party with a daily dose of insane ideas.

This latest mind-numbing beauty comes from New York’s wackiest mayor the honorable Bill de Blasio calling for a ban on glass and steel skyscrapers, “yes” that’s correct Billy-boy appearing  Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” wants to enact his own version of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) Green New Deal, by scrapping “classic glass and steel skyscrapers.”

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However we have yet to learn exactly what type of building materials other then glass and steel, the mayor is considering. Perhaps he and the governor should begin a massive government program harvesting trees for lumber in upstate New York.

One could just imagine a building constructed of all lumber, similar to a log cabin, except reaching upward.

The mayor should also call upon construction companies and architect firms, asking them to submit blueprints and drawings regarding other types of natural resources we could use, perhaps we could borrow some construction tips from bygone cave dwellers, along with using leaves and mud as protective barriers against the wind and rain.

Need I go on? Obviously this is an absurd proposal perpetrated by a publicity seeking wacko attempting to outdo the crazies within his party, by proposing something even crazier.

However this particular loon is as crazy as a fox, by hiding within his zany outrageous remark the real reason for rewinding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. He wants New York City to be the “first of any major city on the Earth” to make building owners “clean up your act . . . to save energy.”

In other words mandating through egregious laws yet to be written a plan to hold all building owners, construction companies and affiliates liable, if they don’t comply with his Green New Deal environmental standards, whatever they may be.

New York City already has strict commercial building codes, De Blasio would undoubtedly add many more using the environment as a pretext to infuse more revenues into the city, which is desperately in need of money and is slowly going bankrupt.

The five boroughs already suffer from the most expensive construction costs in the world. Office buildings cost $575 per square foot compared to $468 in London and half of that most everywhere else, according to the New York Building Congress.

However De Blasio may have another motive for his outlandish comments, in that he may still harbor a desire to also run for the Oval Office, and the only way to appeal to the extreme left is to move (if possible) beyond the extreme left, to a place currently inhabited by Bernie Sanders.

De Blasio’s announcement on Monday that he will begin fining the thousands of private buildings that don’t slash emissions by 30% by 2030, and outlaw the new construction of “incredibly inefficient” glass and steel skyscrapers, appears more like a campaign slogan then an actual workable policy, in that older buildings in order to conform to De Blasio’s demands would need to be either torn down, or completely guttered.

Despite Hizzoner’s insistence on repeatedly using the word “ban,” he later admitted his legislation would actually just tighten the city’s energy code to make it prohibitively expensive to develop glassy high-rises.

“It’s literally going to be a much higher standard and the only way that kind of design would even be acceptable is with a whole host of other changes were made to compensate because those buildings were inherently very inefficient,” he said.

However don’t be surprised if De Blasio uses this absurdity to push himself into the 2020 Democratic clown car.


  1. Lee Jenkinson

    More and more it seems that this web site has been taken over by conservatives. This post seems to be no exception. Millions of birds are killed every year from flying into glass buildings. The mayor’s response is to challenge architects and builders to come up with alternatives which mitigate these deaths. I am sure most caring people would agree that if we can do anything to mitigate these deaths, we should. It is only those who are indifferent to Life that seem to take exception to this.

  2. BUD

    WOW Lee, You want to change all of the million dollar buildings in NYC because a little birdie might fly into it ? I guess then you would want to ban glass front doors on every house in America for the same reason. Robins are notorious for attacking their reflections on these full pane front doors. Do you belong to PETA ?

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