Catholic Bishop Explains The Difference Between The Vatican and Trump’s Wall

The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church was on full display Tuesday when the issues of border security became the focal point of discussion at a House Subcommittee hearing. Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins got into a verbal sparring-match with an El Paso Catholic Bishop regarding the chaos at the border.

Bishop Mark Seitz responded to the Republican lawmaker after Higgins asked the Bishop to explain the differences between the Vatican Wall within the “Holy City” and the wall that divides Mexico and the United States.

The Bishop’s response was indeed interesting stating, “I would point out that wall you refer to at the Vatican also has arms embracing and open to the world… if you’ve been to the … ”

That “self righteous” and “holier-than-thou” comment apparently didn’t sit to well for the 57-year old, New Orleans native quickly firing back, “As we do. We have 328 ports of entry, legal entry into the United States of America.”

Higgins continued giving the bemused Bishop a brief history lesson punctuated with common sense facts stating, “The sovereignty of the church has been protected by the security of the church. One of the most famous walls in history is the wall around the Vatican. I would ask you, bishop, in the area that you serve; do your churches lock their doors after hours?”

The Bishop responded, “Many of them do.”

The exchange took place during hearings at the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security, Facilitation and Operations. Bishop Seitz represents the El Paso, Texas Catholic Dioceses for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, was there to explain how non-governmental organizations like his own were dealing with the immigration crises within southern border cities like his.

El Paso has become Ground Zero in the immigration war. In March then-U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan described the situation at the Texas border crossing as reaching a “breaking point.”

The Republican congressmen continued pressing the Bishop asking what the Roman Catholic Church was doing to end the dangerous journey by migrant caravans crossing thousands of miles of dangerous territory, with perhaps dangerous gangs, criminals, drug and human smugglers within the mix.

The Bishop insisted that priests within those Central American countries where the vast majority of migrants are Catholic are “working very hard to dissuade people from leaving their homes.”

Higgins wondered how that’s being achieved.

The Bishop acknowledged, “There is an active engagement, but the problem is the governments are so weak and so corrupt that there is no authority on the governmental level that people can go to. The Church is about the only one.”

The brief dust-up between Bishop Mark Seitz and Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins is actually a microcosm of how the Catholic Church under Pope Francis views the crises at our southern border, vilifying the President for attempting to protect America’s sovereignty and more importantly our national security interests.

The Pontiff purposely conflates the Presidents Constitutional responsibility in protecting Americans against an influx of drugs, criminals and those that are seeking to enter America to engage in acts of terror.

Recently Pope Francis took another swipe at the President in an interview with Spanish journalist Jordi Evole from La Sexta, last month calling the President’s proposed border wall would make America a “prisoner.”

Stating “He who raises a wall ends up a prisoner of the wall he erected.”

Adding, “That’s a universal law in the social order and in the personal one. If you raise a wall between people, you end up a prisoner of that wall that you raised.”

Which brings us back to the Pope’s own impressive stone wall around the Holy City, erected by another Pope centuries ago after being overrun by hordes of barbarians.


  1. As a Catholic, I am sick and tired of this socialist pope getting involved in politics. He should stick to what he is supposed to do, teach about God.

    As far as the illegal situation, if he is so enamored about the United States being invaded, why doesn’t he tear down those 40 walls and dismiss the Swiss Army that protects him and allow them to camp on his doorstep? The pope is a hypocrite.

  2. Karen Mickow

    I am Catholic , I am appalled at what the Pope said. !!! We are taught not to talk bad about others & here he is
    Talking bad about President Trump
    Trying to save. The United States 🇺🇸
    Of America !!! We The People of
    America 🇺🇸 Love 💕 our Children .
    There are children being kidnapped ,
    Killed , Raped by These illegals. I know God from my Heart ❤️, God Loves Our President!’ Please Keep Italy Safe ! We Pray to God, he answered our Prayers & we have The President God wants us to have . So Please Let Go & Let God ! He will Hear Out Prayers & Answer Them
    Again in 2020 . Please Focus on Saving The Catholic Church

  3. John Bloxson Jr.

    What a crock full of Bull Manure. Both this Catholic Bishop and Pope Francis have concking.

  4. The Catholic Church is now and has been the world’s largest corrupt organization in the world. Hiding behind it’s walls of immunity for prosecution from outside it’s position of city/state, in Italy. It has kept it’s members in line with decrees of excommunication and bans on public expression, by anyone who feels compelled to speak out against it’s disregard for civil authority. It is the largest secret society of clerical sexual predators in the world. It has been for centuries and continues to protect criminals from prosecution by corrupting public attempts to expose the criminals to public prosecution and punishment.
    The church that was to follow the steps of Jesus example, the man who had only the clothes on his back, is now the richest most powerful organization in the world. It owns more land and treasures of the world and yet tells others what to do without leading by example. It has corrupted more governments than the Communists ever will do with force of arms, by using guilt to control it’s members.
    Jesus taught Love and Charity! The Catholic Church teaches guilt and greed in it’s control of it’s power.

  5. The Roman papacy hates liberty of consciousness. Our God given right. They want to play God. and people believe this blasphemy.
    Google the Jesuit Oath. Carefully read the entire oath. This military arm of Catholcism vows to destroy our God given rights. You see it in the popes through out the age. In their theology.
    Read 50 Year s in the Church of Rome by Charles Chinque. Knowledge is UNDERSTANDING.

  6. Peter Di Rocco

    Compare and contrast the political history of Mexico, a Catholic central nation with the Pope in charge and The US. America is a primarily, non-Catholic Christian nation. The evolution of American state, her leaders and institutions is appreciably superior to that of the Mexican state. .

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