Winnie the Pooh is a “Womanizing, Drug Addicted, Freak”

We all grew up loving Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and many other characters played by voice star Jim Cummings.

You may have even raised your children to love the characters and sat them in front of the television to watch Winnie as he searches for honey.

Well, recently the voice actor for Winnie the Pooh has been accused of being a sexual predator, an animal abuser and a drug addict by his ex-wife in a nasty divorce.

Legendary Disney voice actor Jim Cummings, 66, is not only the voice for Winnie the Pooh and Tigger —  he’s also the voice of over 250 other major Disney characters.

He has been the voice that we have come to know and love, and as of late, he has become the voice of a man begging to save his own life in court.  Jim and his wife Stephanie were married in 2001 and divorced a decade later in 2011.

They have two small daughters who currently reside with the mother. Although the couple were divorced in 2011, they are still battling over money, custody, and a multitude of other things. According to The Blast, Stephani claims that since her divorce from Jim, he “has engaged in physical, sexual and emotional abuse including but not limited to death threats, rape, and various sexual deviant behavior forced upon me without my consent.”

Stephani has also obtained a domestic violence restraining orders against Jim, including one restraining order where she claims he came to her house and slapped her on the rear and forced himself on her in front of their 4-year-old daughter. “He then asked if I could see him leaking because that’s what I make him do when he touches me,” Stephanie remarked of the incident.

She then claimed to have felt humiliated and degraded in front of their child. When asked about the incident, Jim stated that it did not occur the way she claimed. “I touched her slightly on the butt and we both joked and laughed,” Jim said. He then claimed Stephanie gave him a consensual hug afterward.

The battle between the Cummings continues to press forward with Stephanie claiming sexual abuse each time she is touched, and Jim claiming that each touch is consensual.  A majority of the “touches” are typical slaps on the rear, which apparently bugs the crap out of Stephanie.

Then there are the claims of drug abuse where Stephanie blames Jim’s addiction to marijuana and alcohol to the decline of their marriage. Of course, Jim disagrees with her on her allegations of his abusing these substances and states that both he and Stephanie used cannabis and alcohol, and both went to rehab for them. Consensually, of course.

Stephanie then tops off her allegations by stating in legal documents that Jim is an animal abuser. She stated that both she and Jim once purchased a puppy and it urinated on the floor inside the house. “When the dog peed in the house, Jim placed the dog inside a metal bucket and sat it outside in 100-degree weather where it almost died,” Stephanie said of the incident. Jim, of course, disagreed with her recollection.

“I placed the dog outside under a small tub to temporarily teach him a lesson and simply forgot he was out there,” Jim recalled. “She’s just trying to ruin my career because she once told me she would tell everyone that Winnie the Pooh was a woman abusing, drug addicted, animal beater,” Jim continued.

Currently, they are both still battling in a Los Angeles court over who’s telling the truth about years of domestic abuse and who’s lying just to get a major payout. Even the courts are finding it difficult to believe either one of them, which is why the battles are lasting so long.

Although both Jim and Stephanie might be able to last the test of time in this battle, their two children are the biggest victims. The entire life span of the children consists of seeing their parents fight and name call. Too bad that America’s children grew up on the innocence of Winnie the Pooh—whereas Pooh’s own children are growing up with another notion of him that just isn’t so nice.


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