NJ Governor Steals Firefighter’s Burial Funds

This latest incident affecting the “Garden State” is just another “Jersey tale” in a long line of mismanagement, malfeasance, and simple old fashion incompetence and corruption dating back decades, regardless of which party sits in the Governor’s Mansion.

This latest “rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic” is simply another hasty attempt by Progressive Governor Phil Murphy to confiscate as much money as he can to sure up the states massive losses — the budget is currently ranked by U.S. News & World Report number 49th for “fiscal stability,” and 49th for overall “quality of life.”

Trenton’s attempt to divert 33 million dollars from a fund that helps pay for fallen firefighter burials and assists first responders with medical bills will do little to solve New Jersey’s budget crisis.

Critics are calling Murphy’s attempt to quietly confiscate the funds with as little media attention as possible a “horrendous” act because it would directly hurt the neediest of firefighters who count on those funds to pay for burial costs and medical bills.

The fund, which is set aside and available to active and retired career and volunteer firefighters, provides funds for fallen firefighters and also for those in need of in-home health care, paying hospital bills, and those suffering from physical ailments, due to injury or old age.

Ed Donnelly, president of the New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association weighted in on Murphy’s sordid attempt to divert those funds saying, “These dollars collected from out of state insurance companies are a safety net to help firefighters in their greatest time of hardship, and should never be used to fill a budget hole.”

Adding, “In neighborhoods all across New Jersey, and the nation, firefighters are increasingly being treated for cancer, PTSD, and other illnesses caused by the work we do. These are the men and women that need and deserve this fund. This is our insurance policy. It’s there for a specific reason, to take care of the men and woman who take care of NJ residents and visitors.”

Jennifer Sciortino, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Treasury, said the fund will still have plenty of money and that the $33 million will help the state “meet our many obligations, which includes funding the firefighters’ pension system.”

To give you an idea of how desperate the Democratic Governor is in attempting to salvage and perhaps avoid bankruptcy, he recently signed an additional 19 bills into law, one of which was the egregious so-called “rain tax,” that would actually “tax residents” when it rains, flooding areas with “dirty runoff” from rainwater, which would end up in nearby rivers and streams.

Moreover if this “progressive half-wit” can tax an “act of God” why not a firefighter’s fund that’s been in existence since 1885?

The Governor who embraces sanctuary cities, and has just set up a $2 million dollar legal slush fund, in defense of illegal aliens, while banning the number of rounds a gun owner is allowed within a magazine, attempted to justify his latest move.

Stating that the funds once appropriated would be placed into the general fund so it could then be used by state leaders for whatever purposes they want.

In short another “progressive rabbit hole” never to be seen again, however when actually confronted regarding the planned confiscation the “good Governor” responded, “We’re very much open minded to sitting with them on this, but folks need to understand this fund has a fund balance 6 times the amount that it needs.”

Adding, “The folks putting the budget together thought this was a sensible, reasonable thing to do. It’s very rare that you have something that has 6   times what you need.”

No doubt “the folks putting the budget together thought” that taxing rainwater was also a good idea.

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  1. TPS

    If you voted these people into office, you’re are getting what you deserve.

    The Governor who embraces sanctuary cities, and has just set up a $2 million dollar legal slush fund, in defense of illegal aliens,

    This will happen more and more as the dems continue to do nothing about illegal immigration other than give legal citizens money to them. Since they deserve it more than you.

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