The Middle Class Is Being Killed By Fast Food

Many people are under the assumption that those who are below the poverty line are more at risk of heart disease than any other class…but this is not so.

Believe it or not, it’s the people above the poverty line that are headlining cardiac arrest—and fast food is the culprit.

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According to a report about American fast food consumption from the Centers for Disease Control, people actually eat more fast food as their income levels rise. There were over 10,000 people surveyed, and of those 10,000, only about 32% of those below the poverty line ate fast food daily.

But 42% of the people who were above the poverty line making over $112.000 per year or more ate fast food on a daily basis. This study has left many shocked because they assumed that because most fast food restaurants are located in poorer neighborhoods, poor people must be the biggest consumers. As it turns out, it wasn’t the lack of money that led most people to eat the unhealthy, yet affordable, food…it was the lack of time.

According to Slate, wealthier people lean toward the danger of obesity and heart disease because they lack the time to cook healthier meals—which ultimately leads to their finding a quick place to eat something while on the go.

Additionally, people who make more money tend to stress a bit more, as well. If you add stress to unhealthy eating, you will more than likely see a higher rate of heart disease. The study revealed that exposure to fast food isn’t the problem and it doesn’t contribute to the current rise in obesity. Lack of time, however, leads to more people eating on the go…but also not having the time to work out. These are all contributing factors to why people who are making money are also making bad decisions when it comes to their diet.

Economic experts are now suggesting that the rise in inflation is causing the fast food chains to raise their prices in an effort to keep up. The experts also suggest that as inflation continues to rise, so does the number of people who are thrown under the poverty level. If fast food prices are going up, and the middle class is dwindling, then it only makes sense that fast food restaurants will ultimately cater to those who can afford the meals. Once again, this leads to those who are above the poverty line.

To ensure that most individuals remain healthy, even if they lack time to eat healthily, most fast food restaurants are attempting to add healthier meals to their menu. They are also working to reduce the calorie intake of their meals in an effort to fall off of the list of places most people should avoid in order to remain healthy.

This shift in menu selections has not changed the fact that obesity continues to grow statistically among those who consume fast food regularly. Experts are hoping that the increase in prices among fast food restaurants will lead to an increase in healthier food options. For the sake of all involved, we can only hope so.

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