Black Gun Rights Activist Schools America on the Second Amendment

Maj Toure, the founder of “Black Guns Matter,” is educating both black America and white conservatives on gun rights. He believes that the Second Amendment should be both “color blind” and available to all law abiding citizens.

The Hip Hop artist from North Philly founded the Black Guns Matter movement in 2015, with a mission of educating law abiding individuals living within America’s inner cities about the 2nd Amendment — through firearms training and education.

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Toure believes that African American’s are often ignored within urban communities when it comes to their right to bear arms, in defense of their homes and loved ones. He was invited to speak at this year Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) near Washington, in which he spoke about his mission during an interview with Willes Lee a board member of the National Rifle Association, in which he remarked that conservatives need to do a better job reaching out to individuals within urban communities.

“The conservative room, has honestly, not done enough for urban America,” Toure said. “It’s just what it is. That doesn’t mean that’s where we stay. That means we have to create liaisons. When you say ‘urban America’ I mean a group of people you just named: Asians, Hispanics, blacks, Latin, white. … We have to do more in that regard and put more boots on the ground. If not, we can – and will – lose.”

Toure’s controversial proposal is to teach law abiding inner city residents the proper use of firearms through education and proper training, in an effort to limit gun violence plaguing cities like Chicago, despite strict gun laws, had over 530 homicides in 2018, due to gun violence, in which a number of innocent bystanders were killed for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“More so than just giving young urban people, of all races, firearms, giving them education about 2nd  Amendment rights, giving them more education about conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics ‘cause that’s completely missing in urban areas like the city of Chicago,” Toure told FOX Business in 2017.

In another interview Toure explained how he witnessed friends within the inner cities fearing for their safety getting locked up by police for avoidable gun possession charges, because they didn’t understand the process, and that’s when he began advocating for gun rights in the inner cities through education and understanding of our 2nd Amendment.

“We go where there’s high violence, high crime, high gun control. high slave mentalities, to be perfectly honest, and inform urban America about their human right, as stated in the Second Amendment, to defend their life,” Toure told the magazine.

Adding, “The majority of America is conservative, but the way conservatives have vocalized their ideals has resulted in a “language barrier” with urban residents.”

“The conservative movement has failed where we have not created enough and supported enough urban liaisons. The Left has done an amazing job of convincing urban America that the conservative room is a Klan rally. They’ve done it,” Toure said. “[They’re] saying these things to say they don’t trust you. People, right now, urban America, under a falsehood, does not trust you. What liaisons have you linked with that are already doing the work in urban America to highlight and spread our ideals of freedom?”

“The biggest misconception that exists is inner-city people believing conservatives don’t want to hear what they say”. Toure said that’s not the case but conservatives need to do a better job bridging the gap.

The charismatic 2nd Amendment gun rights activist has been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio, Fox News, CNN, BET, Essence, and NRA News for his unorthodox views concerning urban America and the 2nd Amendment.

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