Navy Officers Act Out And Get Slammed For It

When famous soul singer and living legend Stevie Wonder sang the song “Ribbon in the Sky” we don’t think he could have ever imagined that the ribbon would transition into one large penis.

That’s just what the folks in Washington witnessed when two Navy officers decided (while sitting in the cockpit of their aircraft) to draw with the smoke that came from the exhaust of their jet. According to The Navy Times through a Freedom of Information Act request, the two junior officers had a lot of time to kill during their training session before one of them came up with a brilliant idea. “Draw a giant penis” yelled the pilot’s cockpit officer, and the rest was history.

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The biggest question to ask is something much deeper than merely why two guys decided to risk their reputation and future on something so juvenile…the big question is this: Why are guys so amazed by the penis? Men erect buildings based on the penis, and if that isn’t enough, they now want to share a cloud drawing of it with the world…as if we don’t know what a real one looks like! Was it because the two officers were sitting in the cockpit that they felt the need to create a cock? When the officers were asked why they did such a dastardly deed, they only replied with, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

The men are under investigation, but why? What is there to investigate? The poorly drawn exhaust penis was seen by everyone in Washington, and the guys admitted to creating the ‘art in the sky’ piece. It seems as if the Navy is merely embarrassed by the fact that American tax dollars are being spent on two loon’s meant to protect America but can’t because they can’t stop thinking about their junk.

This should be a lesson to all women that they should do their best to encourage the men in their lives to appreciate other body parts that are equally important. Let’s start with the brain, shall we? The brain allows a person to make responsible choices based on calculations leveraging the risk involved. That was lacking in this case. Ok, well, all hope isn’t lost. Let’s move on to the heart, shall we?

Other than life itself, the heart contributes to our consciousness and allows us to feel passion and empathy. If the heart were utilized in this situation, the men would have thought about the children who might have seen the image and how it would impact their consciousness.

The United States Navy has made a million statements of apology, and they have admitted to being incredibly embarrassed by the incident. They grounded both men (pending investigation), and they are working hard to convince American’s that not all Navy men would be so silly as to do such a thing…at least not after this mess.

The Navy fears that this might cause their One-Hour Fight Program (meant to train pilots) to be yanked away. It just goes to show you that one action can ruin it all. We can only hope that the two men have learned a valuable lesson in all of this. We know for a fact the Navy did!


  1. Don

    Men should be PROUD of their Penises and love their Penises as well. It is the a beautiful creation. EVIDENTLY ALL WOMEN ARE CRAZY OVER PENISES!! But why is EVERYBODY so HYPOCRITICAL over PENISES?? I have personally witnessed that women can flash their vaginal or masturbate in public and even in front of children!! And MOST MORON IDIOTS in Society !!?? NEVER SAY A WORD!! OR the police never do anything to arrest a woman!! Men GET YOUR BALLS BACK!! AND START LOVING YOUR PENISES!! YOU SHOULD NOT BE ASHAMED TO HAVE WHAT ALL WOMEN ARE SECRETLY CRAZY OVER ANYWAYS!!

  2. pscrivner

    It was funny. Really funny.

    We have a world now where women are exposing themselves for political protests, wearing pussy hats and smearing menstrual blood on themselves in public. Do women think about the effect this has on children? Don’t lecture me about men not having heart, compassion or sympathy because they draw a penis in the sky. At least this takes some skill and daring.

    Everyone, including the US Navy, should have had a good laugh and let the matter go.

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