Protesters Upstage De Blasio’s “Green New Deal” Event

It was without a doubt one of the most bizarre and hilarious political rollouts we’ve seen.

It all took place as New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, (in preparation for his presidential bid) decided to hold a public event on Monday, tying his brand of AOC.s “Green New Deal” with New York City’s majestic skyscrapers.

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The event was scheduled outside and in front of Trump Towers to emphasis De Blasio’s new environmental law requiring owners of large buildings to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

He warned the President that Trump Organization buildings could face a combined $2.1 million in annual fines by 2030 if they don’t comply with the new law, which goes into effect on May 17th

However due to the inclement weather the press event was abruptly moved indoors, inside of Trump Towers and in front of those iconic escalators that President Trump along with the First Lady rode down in 2015 announcing his run for the Presidency.

De Blasio’s surrounded by supporters holding green signs began speaking at the podium stating, “President Trump, you’re on notice. Your polluting buildings are part of the problem.”

When suddenly in the background a man in a Yankee baseball cap appeared riding down the legendary escalator holding a large black and white sign proclaiming in big bold letters,  “Worst Mayor Ever” followed seconds later by another sign carrying gentlemen holding a similar sign stating “Trump 2020,” seconds later another individual appeared holding another sign reading “Failed Mayor.”

Moments later the video captures those same protesters taking the up escalator and holding the same messages. The assembly line of protesters moving up and down the escalator quickly became the main focal point of the video, with the De Blasio press conference merely becoming a disgruntled sideshow.

The spectacle of seeing protesters holding up signs going up and down the escalators in the background became even more hilarious and surreal when de Blasio attempted to speak over a recording of Frank Sinatra, which was apparently cranked up the management, almost drowning out de Blasio.

“This is a public space where people are allowed to express their views. In New York City, we’re perfectly tough. If people want to offer their opposition, it doesn’t change me one bit,” de Blasio mumbled to the amused press.

De Blasio continued, “It’s so nice of them to serenade us at Trump Tower. Clearly, they are uncomfortable with the truth.”

Responding to a reporter’s question, De Blasio still straining to be heard said he was discussing a possible presidential run with his family.

“We will make a final decision this week and we will announce it this week,” he said.

Viewers watching the hilarious optics of two opposing forces molded into one comic scene, almost reminiscent of those classic 80’s variety shows posted their comments all over social media, including the President’s son.

“Trump Tower is cranking music that’s making it hard to hear de Blasio presser. Trump supporters are riding up and down the escalators in background heckling him with “worst mayor ever” signs. Mayor hasn’t even spoken yet”

— Yoav Gonen (@yoavgonen) May 13, 2019

“Scene in lobby of Trump tower as Trump supporters try to drown out de Blasio rally with signs saying “worst mayor ever”

— Melissa Russo (@MelissaRusso4NY) May 13, 2019

“Most Mayors do all they can to support great businesses – here in NYC, businesses are attacked for headlines and “political points” and is this very mentality that is causing people to leave our great city in droves.”

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) May 13, 2019

A Quinnipiac University Poll last month found that an overwhelming majority, 76% of New York City voters, believe de Blasio shouldn’t run for president. Meanwhile, only 18% said he should.

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