Shutting Down the Newest SSN Scam

The Trump administration — perhaps inspired by President Reagan’s 1986 law cracking down on deceitful employees — notified more than 500,000 firms that some of their employees’ names along with their Social Security numbers don’t match.

President Reagan faced with the same issue decades ago of dishonest employers conspiring with illegal aliens by knowingly hiring them with fraudulent Social Security documentation, usually bought and sold on the black market.

Fast forward to the Trump Administration’s new move cracking down on both illegal aliens and their bosses reminding both that knowingly hiring individuals with bogus Social Security numbers is a felony. The penalties range (upon conviction) under Section 141 from monetary fines of $500 to $10,000, and or imprisonment (ranging from 1 to 15 years.)

Since March, the Social Security Administration has mailed out “no-match letters” to more than 570,000 employers, telling them of the mismatched information on their employers Social Security records.

According to the New York Times, “The notices do not necessarily require employers to take action but direct them to take steps to reconcile mismatches, which would require contacting the workers. Undocumented workers who are notified of the letters by their employers often choose to quickly resign, fearing scrutiny from federal immigration authorities. But employers who do nothing could also face enforcement actions.”

In 2016, Pew Research Center reported there were nearly 8 million illegal aliens in the U.S. labor force; however, in 2012, the Obama White House officially stopped sending out “no-match letters.”

Under President Trump, the policy has once again been reinstated, as the President continues to use everything within his political tool chest to secure our national interests regarding the historic mass migration of illegal aliens “gaming the system.”

Mark Hinkle, the Social Security Administration’s acting press secretary, told The Times the department is simply enforcing current law.

“Social Security is committed to maintaining the accuracy of earnings records used to determine benefit amounts to ensure people get the benefits they have earned,” he said in an emailed statement to the paper. “If we cannot match the name and SSN reported on a W-2 to our records, we cannot credit earnings to a worker’s record.”

The President on Thursday outlined a new immigration policy based on a “merit-based system” that many other industrial countries currently use in controlling the quality and types of individuals that come into their countries.

Under the President’s new proposal, 57% of immigrants admitted to America must have some type of job skill, as compared to the 12% that’s currently on the books.

The President’s proposal also drastically cuts by half,  from 66% to 33% of individuals allowed entry based on family ties. Also, those seeking asylum status would also be cut, from 22% to 10%.

However, the number of legal immigrants would stay the same at about 1.1 million every year. The only changes is that the numbers have been rearranged in favor of the President seeking more individuals coming to America based on merit, and what they can offer and contribute to America in terms of their skill sets.

The Washington Examiner also reported, “The plan calls for the elimination of the diversity lottery system, that currently admits about 55,000 people a year from underrepresented countries and the streamlining of the asylum system. Family unification will prioritize spousal and parental relationships, another long-held Trump priority.”

The proposal seeks immigrants with 3-high-skilled categories, regarding extraordinary talent, professional and specialized vocations, and exceptional students.

Applicants would gain points for each acquired skill within those high-skilled categories. Once an applicant reaches a certain benchmark like passing a U.S. civics exam and English proficiency tests, and passes both a criminal background check, and deemed physically healthy without any major health issues, then the individual would be rewarded with perhaps offers of employment, youth, and educational and vocational certifications.

“We think this is all very pro-immigrant, moving away from the Byzantine bureaucratic system that we have today and instead of laying out very clear objectives and metrics as a country. You want to come to the U.S.? Here are the markers you have to hit, and we think they are all pretty attainable,” one official told reporters.

Of course, Democrats are howling calling the Presidents proposal “racist” and “anti-immigrant” and will no doubt attempt to scuttle the immigration plan.

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  1. Tom Atoes

    One of the conditions upon which President Reagan signed the Simpson/Mazzoli Act into law, was the ‘promise’, by the crats, that they would help find and prosecute employers who knowingly hired illegals…the last I read, there has not been a single employer punished…so today illegals are hired with impunity.

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