First Ever: Private Group Builds Their Own Border Wall

It would appear that a private group called “We Build the Wall” — tired of the political bureaucracy on Capitol Hill — has finally channeled those rugged pioneer principles of yesteryear and constructed their own section of a border wall on private property in New Mexico.

The half-mile section in the El Paso area was unveiled over the weekend. Kris Kobach, former Kansas secretary of state and general counsel for “We Build the Wall” said:

“We’re closing a gap that’s been a big headache for them.”

The 18-foot wall is similar in style and construction to that of the officially approved wall by the Border Patrol, which is currently being erected in other areas along the nearly 2,000-mile border.

The group acknowledged that the project went up faster and cost considerably less money than the similar project undertaken by the federal government.

According to Kobach, the area saw roughly 100 migrants and $100,000 worth of drugs passing through nightly; however, with the construction of the half-mile privately funded wall, Kobach hopes to decrease those numbers substantially.

According to the El Paso Times, the land is owned by American Eagle Brick Co., whose owner, Jeff Allen, confirmed the construction, stating publicly that anyone who is against the construction of the wall is “against America.”

The wall is close to the Mount Cristo Rey statue near the Texas-New Mexico state line across from Mexico.

The construction of the private wall began the same day an activist federal judge ruled against Trump by blocking efforts to build the President’s long-promised wall, with funds shifted from other departments.

When reporters asked Allen why he allowed construction of the wall on his property, he quickly responded.

“Why wouldn’t we allow it? We have dealt with illegals coming across. We have been attacked by illegals coming across. We have been burglarized by illegals. We have drug traffickers coming through here and anyone who is against this is against America.”

In a Fox News interview, Kobach cited the ruling by the activist judge as the main reason why the group’s efforts are necessary.

“We hear the sad news recently that a liberal federal judge is blocking the federal government from building part of the wall. That’s why it’s all the more important now … that American citizens step forward like they have already,” he said.

“It was important to us to make the announcement today, on Memorial Day,” Kobach told the El Paso Times during a tour of the site. “This wall is all about securing our border and our nation, so it is fitting, and we worked hard to get it built this holiday weekend. This is us trying to give America a present for Memorial Day.”

He later added, “We built the wall and then hand the keys to the Border Patrol and say ‘Here, Happy Memorial Day.'”

Reached Monday, U.S. Border Patrol officials said that they could not immediately comment on the privately built wall.

Kobach and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon are listed on the group’s website as part of the leadership team. Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage started the organization.

Kolfage is the triple amputee veteran and recipient of a Purple Heart who last year began a GoFundMe website asking patriotic Americans to donate a few dollars for the wall, which thus far has surpassed 22 million dollars and counting.

The website has the President’s support and Kolfage quickly points out on his website, “It’s up to Americans to help out and pitch in to get the project rolling.”

Adding, “If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall.”

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