Don’t Be One Of Those Shoppers

People who work retail deserve some respect. Maybe you don’t need an advanced degree, but you do need top of the line people skills and the patience of a saint.

How would you feel if you’re at work and exhausted—just waiting to go home so that you can relax and rid yourself of the strenuous day you’ve had—and just as you were moments from clocking out, a client calls with a 30-minute conversation?

You would hate them, correct?

It’s not so much that they had any intent on making you angry, or that they had the intention of making you stay at work that much longer…they only wanted to discuss business. It’s not their fault that they called you right when you were heading out the door…or is it?

We don’t often think about how retail workers feel when they are ready to leave 10 minutes before closing, and we walk in the door ready to shop. We are only thinking about finding something cute to wear, a lovely gift, or simply interested in looking around. We don’t mean any harm, but little do we know is that we cause a great deal of distress!

A prior retail worker found that there was nothing more irritating than people coming into the store to “look around” only moments before the store closed.

People would walk in and mangle clothing that was folded neatly, ask to try on articles of clothing, and ask for assistance finding a special gift…not caring that the sales agent is ready to clock out and go home.

To teach people what it feels like, this retail worker even created a hilarious video to show people what it feels like from a sales worker position. Although the video is extremely funny, it packs a serious punch in its message!

Maybe next time we should all remain conscious of the time prior to running into a store that’s moments from closing. The sales staff shouldn’t have to suffer just because we can’t keep track of time, should they?

Let’s all work a little harder to show some common courtesy people!!

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