CNN and MSNBC Are Too Liberal For The New York Times… What?!?

In what can only be described as unprecedented, the New York Times announced that it has purposely blocked their reporters from appearing on either CNN’s Don Lemon or MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow because both are “too partisan.”

The bombshell report first appeared in Vanity Fair detailing how MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” has practically  after the Mueller Report went public.

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Maddow, a devout leader of the #Resistance movement, had made the Mueller Report the hallmark of her nightly show and the “litmus test” for the President’s eventual removal from office — while at the same time refusing to ask former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (a frequent guest), whether or not she thought the Obama administration could have done a better job handling Russian interference?

Insider sources within the New York Times newsroom acknowledged to Fox News after the Vanity Fair expose that “it rubs off” on any journalist who is too closely aligned to the far left, which boggles the mind of most critical thinking adults to think the NYT actually believes they’re not as radical as MSNBC and CNN. However, in their defense, Maddow’s has invested whatever journalist integrity she had for over two years with her non-stop nightly over-the-top Russian conspiracy theories regarding the Trump Administration, along with the President’s family, and her near obsession of unseating the President from office.

“I do think Maddow, and others on MSNBC, have very strong opinions that affect their ability to tell stories in an accurate way sometimes,” the source said. “You don’t get tainted just by appearing (on the show), but it’s better to err on the side of trying to maintain objectivity and caution.”

Journalists at the Times are divided as to whether or not appearing on Maddow’s show would actually damage their reputation. The insider source speculated that many top reporters are aware and “rightly sensitive” about the paper moving to the extreme left, which no doubt appearing on the show would suggest to average viewers.

However setting that issue aside for a moment, there’s also a pragmatic business side to the Times decision in skipping the show, in that since the Mueller Report and the subsequent release of the Barr summary letter, the show has lost nearly 500,000 viewers, that staggering number accounts for a 13% drop in April alone compared to the same month last year.

That betrayal of confidence by her once loyal followers is an indication of just how far both CNN and MSNBC have fallen regarding how their supporters now regard their journalist integrity, in that no one wants to be lied to, especially for over two years.

Accuracy in Media national editor Carrie Sheffield said, “This was a long time coming, and we hope MSNBC will allow for greater balance moving forward. We hope that Maddow’s programming will include substantive fact-checking, balanced debate and dialogue, rather than an echo-chamber monologue that further divides Left and Right,” Sheffield told Fox News. “Americans deserve better.”

And over at CNN, Anchor Don Lemon also made the papers no-go list, citing Lemon’s continuous bias towards the President, and his unsubstantiated allegations regarding Russian collusion, along with inviting a steady stream of partisan guests, who simply parrot the same far left talking points, without even pretending to fact-check their sources.

Both MSNBC and CNN have hired several prominent New York Times reporters as contributors in recent years, but it is unclear from the Vanity Fair report if they would be discouraged from appearing on shows deemed “too partisan.”

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