Turning Colleges Into Prisons To Ensure Students Don’t Cheat

Cheating is something that happens almost anywhere… You can’t escape it. People and especially teens and young adults have a lot of pressure to succeed.

For example, college students typically cheat when they are overconsumed with the grade rather than the lesson being taught. The desire to succeed with a letter grade – rather than succeed with the knowledge itself – becomes the mission to some students who just can’t accept getting a grade less than above average.

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This is dilemma can be found in grade school as well and it is often the subject of argument when individuals attempt to determine if grades and standardized tests yield more stress than it’s worth on young adults. Japan is finding that they are becoming burdened with this same problem…but they have a solution.

To ensure students remain honest in college, Japan has created a minor prison-like system that checks, and then double checks, each student prior to their going into class to take a test. They frisk the students’ and then they frisk them once again prior to the test beginning. If a student is found attempting to cheat, they can kiss their asses goodbye.

Would you believe that although the Japanese instructors have instilled major fear on being caught cheating to the students that some of the kids still attempt to cheat?

This only goes to prove that people are willing to risk it all for the sake of acceptance and symbolic success. In this video, you will see just how far the instructors go when ensuring the students remain honest. You will swear it is fake but trust us… it’s real.

When you see the prison-like system being implemented in Japanese colleges, you will be incredibly thankful that you don’t have to experience the pain of being subjected to degrading methods. All this, just to take one test. Wow.


  1. Robert Brown

    The best, smartest, and most successful people I know are those who were homeschooled, self-educated, or apprenticed to professionals.

  2. Laughing atyou

    The students are only reflecting the emphasis of the colleges.. colleges have all become diploma mills designed to take as mu h miney as possible from the government and the student. The professors are rarely actual experts in their field. They are usually just the product of the cheating they themself did to get their degrees. The school is far more interested in high cost housing then education. I personally know people with masters degrees who can barely read and can not do math. One is a high school teacher and the other a business major with an MBA. You can not blame the students for adapting to the environment dryonment of the crappy colleges
    After would a college that cared about you learning accounting have a goal for you to get a CPa license or take a womens studies class? Yet most colleges dont even have spa prep classes.

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