Don’t you DARE touch the bagels!

There are a million things I find annoying about working in an office. However, many of them revolve around the same key subject… food.

For example, have you ever gone to a morning sales meeting and noticed that there are always bagels on the table, ready to be consumed?

They look great, even though they are rarely warm or toasted, and they are tempting to anyone who might walk past the table.

This seems innocent enough unless you are someone who isn’t invited to the meeting. The problem with morning meeting bagels is that they are often intended for those who are attending the meeting. If someone comes into the room just to get a bagel, but they aren’t a part of the meeting, they might get a few nasty stares from the host of the meeting.

Hey! It isn’t our fault that the host didn’t order enough for everyone who might be interested.

It might seem a stretch, but the reality is that food purchased for a meeting comes packed full of political correctness that you just better obey. The host of most meetings receive a typical head count on how many people will attend the meeting and they order food accordingly.

This makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense, however, is how most hosts of meetings react when someone attempts to eat the food when they weren’t a part of the meeting. Suddenly, the food becomes a part of a power play that thrusts the idea of “us” and “them” out into the field. It’s ridiculous when you think about it, but it sure is funny to watch as an observer.

This video is an original Key and Peele sketch that makes a great deal of fun on the issue of “bagels and the politics that come with them.”

They do an excellent job of making fun of those overprotective hosts that lose it when you attempt to take a bagel that is only meant for the sales team.


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