Dr. Phil Is A Savage

Dr. Phil is a television host who talks with his guests about issues they are attempting to overcome in their lives. He helps people discover things they attempt to push away, and he teaches them how to deal with those issues in a way that’s healthy.

This sounds innocent, but it isn’t always easy for the man. You would think that he would have guests who would come onto his show being appreciative and grateful…not always so.

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There are some guests who come onto the show with attitudes and awful behavior. Too bad for them because Dr. Phil has the remedy for that too.

In this compilation clip, we see examples of Dr. Phil laying it on the line in the most hilarious way. When folks get disrespectful, Dr. Phil has to throw a few “F-bombs” around to make sure that they get his point. He is not there to play, and he makes those guests fully regret their attempt to get notoriety through bad behavior on his show.

One girl who coined the phrase “Catch me outside” became a millionaire after she came onto the show and disrespected Dr. Phil and his studio audience.

It appears that he made a secret pact to himself that he would never again allow anyone to come onto his show and gain riches by being assholes. His comebacks to guest that try him are so striking, piercing, and harsh that it even leaves his guests with their mouths hanging open. They didn’t see it coming.

It’s not surprising that people attempt to gain notoriety by being on his show, which is unfortunate because the people who could really use his help aren’t getting the attention they need.

Some people will do anything to get a few moments in the spotlight. But one thing is for sure…they won’t get in Dr. Phil’s face with the foolery anymore.


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