Did Congress Go To Far Scraping Up Watergate’s John Dean?

One might ask, what is the relevance of having a former White House counsel within the Nixon Administration come before the House Judiciary Committee on Monday and testify, regarding the Mueller Report?

The answer is… there’s none.

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However the significance for anguished Democrats in “rolling-the-dice” in having a character like John Dean testify, isn’t what relevant testimony he can provide, which is zero. But rather who much he can muddle the Mueller Report with unfounded conjecture and hyperbole.

Disgruntled Democrats are counting (with the help of the media) to use Dean’s appearance to support Mueller’s convoluted bizarre summery of no obstruction, as a pretext to begin an impeachment inquiry, combined with the optics of having the former White House counsel synonymous with the Watergate scandal sitting on Capitol Hill testifying for hours, attempting to draw a parallel between the 1972 break-in and the events regarding the Russian Collusion hoax.

The contrived visual attempt although dramatic may very well backfire, in that the individuals Democrats are attempting to influence (Independent voters), aren’t into theatrics’ like the spectacle created by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn, in May, showing up with a bucket of greasy fried chicken in front of a televised audience, within the Committee chamber.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the bespectacled and balding lawmaker decided to chow-down, by actually eating the fried chicken with his hands (without the benefit of a napkin), spilling fried crust particles all over his desk, as he attempted to bite into the breaded fowl, tearing off a piece of meat while leaving a residue of grease all over his hands and face, which no doubt  grossed out most of the viewing audience, including the roughly 20% of Independent voters that Democrats are attempting to influence with their outlandish performances.

The reason for this latest “dog and pony” show on Capital Hill, is perhaps an attempt to preempt what’s coming at the end of the month from the Inspector General’s Report detailing how this Russian Collusion hoax got started in the first place, which is beginning to panic Democrats.

House Speaker Pelosi perhaps realizing she’s lost her hold on frenzied freshmen Democrats calling for impeachment actually took an extraordinary step into the abyss of moral depravity by redefining the Mueller Report to comport with her own uncontrollable bias stating that the Mueller Report showed “obstruction of justice occurred,” and she wanted to see the President in “prison.”

There’s little doubt following the Mueller Report that Democrats have become more and more desperate, using every means at their disposal to illegally obstruct, intimidate, and delegitimize this President.

Dean is simply another swamp-dweller within the deep-state, the CNN contributor wrote an op-ed in The New York Times in March in which he referenced the President an “authoritarian President,”

Adding, “In fact, all Americans are affected by the growing authoritarianism that made Mr. Trump President,” Dean wrote. “These people who facilitated his rise will remain long after Mr. Trump is gone. We need to pay more attention.”

I suspect Dean is referring to many of “us” who voted for President Trump, as “those people” similar to how Hillary Clinton spoke of Trump supporters as “deplorable.”

The President took note on Sunday concerning Dean’s planned hearing on Capitol Hill, tweeting out,  and the appearance of Dean, “For two years all the Democrats talked about was the Mueller Report because they knew that it was loaded up with 13 Angry Democrat Trump Haters, later increased to 18. But despite the bias, when the Report came out, the findings were No Collusion and facts that led to… No Obstruction.”

Adding, “Democrats “want a Redo, or Do Over. They are even bringing in @CNN sleazebag attorney John Dean. Sorry, no Do Overs – Go back to work!”


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