Believing Propaganda Over Facts

If there’s one thing Democrats excel in, it’s in perpetuating disinformation, simply put repeating a big lie, over and over again, regardless of the facts.

Which seems to be exactly what the Fox poll uncovered in their national survey regarding 50% of American respondents who now believe the President’s campaign did, in fact, collude with Russia — despite spending almost $40 millions dollars, producing nearly 480 pages and almost 2 ½ years investigating the President and is associations.

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Moreover, despite the conclusion reached by the special counsel that it “did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” Democrats have nevertheless convinced several voters that facts don’t matter.

Although in any courtroom in America, this is a settled “legal” manner, so why have the facts become less relevant then conjecture and opinion?

One theory is how the President handled himself during the skewed George Stephanopoulos interview, which in hindsight was a tactical mistake, in that despite ABC News propping up Stephanopoulos as an unbiased journalist, he’s still a loyal crony of the Clintons.

His hypothetical question was a mine-field that Trump gleefully walked into, without reservation. The President, with all his uncanny abilities, sometimes falls into traps of his own doing.

As demonstrated the next day after he attempted to clean up his less-then artful explanation regarding taking a phone call from a foreign country that may have negative information on a political opponent, the President rather then not engaging in theory with Stephanopoulos decided (as he always does), to answer the question honestly, like most of us would do.

Forgetting for a moment (as he also does), that he’s a constant target of disgruntled progressives, looking to constantly embarrass him.

However the Fox Poll was conducted from June 9-12th, before this latest meltdown by the rabid left, the segment didn’t air until the evening of the 12th, so this scenario isn’t possible.

A more likely theory is what Democrats are famous for “rewriting history.” The Party of Jim-Crow and the KKK are constantly reinventing themselves, hoping that history doesn’t catch up to them.

The moment the Mueller Report was released, exonerating the President the Democratic Party coalesced creating a parallel narrative, thanks in part to Mueller’s purposeful ambiguity regarding obstruction. Democrats used every nugget Mueller provided to discredit the President, and any nuance within the report imaginable in turning fact into a muddled and confusing apotheosis, by repeating again and again, that the President wasn’t absolved of obstruction, therefore he must be quality of something.

Moreover accusing the Attorney General of somehow conspiring in a cover-up because he only released 98% of the Mueller Report, the remaining 2% needed to be redacted because the law requires that certain testimony needs to be protected.

However, House Democrats decided it would make good theater if they would hold Attorney General Barr in contempt of Congress, adding to the drama that Democrats are favored for.

Once again repeating the big lie over and over again, which always plays into the hands of the uninformed, who usually get their news by simply reading headlines, from friends, or perhaps watching biased news coverage of the President.

The 50% which constitutes a bare majority that believes the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 Presidential Election jumped 6% which is a net swing upwards of 7% when the same question was asked about a year ago.

Ironically after the Mueller Report went public, concluding that there was “no collusion” and “no obstruction.” However, there’s a much wider and more troubling issue regarding the general public and how a well-coordinated disinformation campaign can actually outpace and even reverse the facts.

It would appear the Democratic Party no longer looks at the Constitution as a guidepost in how to govern, but rather a handbook from totalitarian régimes in how to push Propaganda over Facts.

Guy Benson an occasional political pundit and Fox contributor weighted in on Twitter, describing how Mueller attempted to skew the report by creating uncertainty.

Mueller addresses the use of the terms ‘conspiracy’ and ‘coordination’ vs. ‘collusion.’ The first is a legal term, the latter two are terms of art. Mueller found no conspiracy or coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) April 18, 2019

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