Should We Prevent Certain People From Having Children?

In a time where the government has taken it upon itself to enact laws that dictate what we eat, our health insurance, and our right to carry weapons, a new law should be enacted to determine who should and shouldn’t have children.

This may sound harsh, but currently, there are a multitude of reports that continue to surface about parents who are grossly neglecting, or worse–killing–their own children. Most of these parents have mental issues that prevent them from making rational decisions as they pertain to the wellbeing of their children.

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If this is the case, why are we open to allowing anyone to bring life into this world? Additionally, with the new twist on abortion laws, it makes it even more imperative that the right parents have children.

In the decision of who would be fit for parenthood, it should be required that parents (or potential parents) apply for certification of parenthood prior to starting a family. This process will not only ensure that individuals take childrearing seriously, but it will also serve as an additional protective layer for the child. It’s unfortunate that children need such protection, but this is becoming the reality with each passing day.

Recently, a report went viral of a sperm donor who assisted in the birth of over 50 children with women throughout the nation. One person that received his sperm was an 18-year-old girl who was homeless. She stated that she contacted this individual because she always wanted a baby and that she knew he would be a great contributor to this cause.

She is now pregnant and searching for a home for her and her soon-to-be newborn. There was also a report that discussed a mother who dropped her son off at McDonald’s so that she could go to a casino located a mile away to gamble. When asked why she left her 9-year-old son alone, she stated that “he gets on her nerves” and that she was concerned he’d steal her money.

Then there are hundreds of stories that surface on a daily basis about parents who kill their children or grossly neglect them. At some point, there needs to be a process to eliminate the ability for individuals to bring life into the world, only to take it for granted.

Many states are currently struggling with abortion laws and are facing many pushbacks from individuals who feel the right to have children should be up to the woman. It is only fair that an individual has the right to decide what happens to their bodies and how their bodies should be used when considering childbirth. The concern is not whether a woman has the right to produce a child, but rather if she has the ability to raise the child without harming either herself or the child.

Giving birth to a child is a blessing that should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, however, we are living in a society where people are neglecting their own children. Additionally, many parents are found to have mental issues that place their children in harm’s way…but this is only discovered after it is too late. With laws in place that enforce individuals to undergo mental scrutiny as a part of a certification process, we can limit the number of children harmed or killed by their birth parents.

Additionally, we can ensure that children are not being forced to enter a world where they will be living under parents who will neglect them, harm them, or allow them to be harmed by others.


  1. glock19fan

    There used to be a program many decades ago on this subject and it involved some famous people; it was known as “eugenics” and its inevitable result was Hitler’s Germany.

  2. Wait? Is this a new angle the left is using to rationalize the need for killing more innocent lives? I have a novel idea, teach people to be responsible and not have sex willy nilly. Make sure your man uses protection, take you birth control pills (remember the big fight not that long ago over the “pill” and it’s availability cheaply or free). Was this written by Margret Sanger by chance?

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