AOC’s Profanity Laced Tirade during Detention Tour

According to at least two eye witness accounts, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lost it “big time,” at the El Paso, Texas Dentition facility on Monday.  The New York City legislator apparently went on a profanity-laced rant, screaming at federal law enforcement agents “in a threatening manner.”

AOC was with a group of 13 other House Democrats and their aids, visiting the El Paso Station on Hondo Pass Drive when she suddenly broke away from the tour and entered a nearby holding area to speak with a migrant family being processed.

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Suddenly as reported by eyewitnesses, an emotionally unhinged AOC rushes out of the holding area yelling and screaming.

One eye witness account describes what ensued next, “She comes out screaming at our agents, right at the beginning of the tour … Crying and screaming and yelling,” said one witness who said he was stunned by the outburst in front of approximately 40 people.

The eye witness continued, “The agents, they wanted to respond, but they held back because she’s a congressional delegate. But when you have someone yelling at you in a threatening manner … ” the same person said. “They were like, ‘Hey, you need to kinda step back.’”

A second official recounted how AOC went in and out of holding areas virtually conducting her own tour away from the group being briefed by Border Agents, returning to share the information she claims she was told by detainees, including the one person claiming they drank from a toilet.

The frazzled congresswoman announced to her colleagues she would not go with them on the tour, but instead would continue speaking with the migrant family.

A second official said that while she was around agents, AOC began to comment about a personal Facebook page apparently belonging to an agent, which was uncovered before the tour referencing the 29-year old Socialist/Democrat in an offensive way, including other Democratic lawmakers and those in custody.

Another agent recalls AOC saying “Something under her breath, ‘Oh, all these guys in here are gonna f–k me.’ The agents are standing there behind the computers. One of the agents laughed at something he was saying to another agent, and she (AOC) got irate and flipped out,” the second Border Patrol official said. “Now they’re under investigation for it. She took it as they were laughing at her and screams at them and says, ‘What’s so funny?’”

What seems obvious is that the loony congresswoman from the Bronx has an agenda, to create as much drama as she possibly can; her disgusting concentration camp analogy backfired when holocaust survivors respond.

Sami Steigmann and David Tuck called out the upstart lawmaker, giving her a history lesson stating that her comments were ignorant.

“AOC — look at me. My name is Sami Steigmann. I am a Holocaust survivor. I went through it. How can you — looking at my face, telling me that the camps we have in the South are concentration camps? What you are doing is you are insulting every victim of the Holocaust, shame on you!” Steigmann said.

Adding, “I’m not only a Holocaust survivor, I was in a labor camp … I was subjected to medical experiments and, later on, a German woman saved my life, when I came to the stage of dying of starvation.”

As for AOC’s meltdown in El Paso, Texas concerning her public claim that a migrant woman was forced to drink from a toilet, here are the facts from an agent on the scene.

“So this is what happened with the migrant and drinking water from toilet: she wanted water, didn’t know how to use the faucet in the cell, and drank from the toilet. She never told AOC that we made her drink from the toilet. AOC, of course, changed it … This was when she the migrant was apprehended and brought into the facility,” according to the agent.

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  1. Charlie

    Loss of control and ignorance leads to one using profanity. AOC is an ignorant uneducated dim wit with severe mental problems that she has had mot of her life.

  2. Nancy McEntire

    Send me a pair NOW. Age is 78. Cannot tolerate stupid football player. Bet he does not even know who Betsy Ross was. Love to know his real IQ and grades in grade school ha and any legitimate college classes. Surely Niki will not destroy all those shoes. Probably can buy them on the black market in Russia!!!All July 4th celebrations were so patriotic. WONDERFUL. Want to order the new tee shirt from the veteran who designed it

  3. This woman would know a truth if she was able to read it. Her bio leads one to believe she has a brain in her head, but is a chronic liar. It’s my belief that she thinks her antics will win her the argument. She’s wrong, she is only losing credibility.

  4. JustMe

    How in hell did this lunatic the drama queen ever got into office, who voted for this moron? Must have been the Hood Rats from the Bronx who heard the word Free and that the Rich are evil and that was enough. I’m glad to see how she keeps making a fool out of herself. She needs to go and be investigated for any fraud she has committed.

  5. The Democratic Party is now loaded with dingbats. Starting with Pelosi, AOC, the 2 new Muslim women , and the list goes on. I’m 77 years old and never saw such a deranged party as the dems are today. I was a Democrat up to Jimmy Carter but then saw where they were headed. I switched parties then and am glad I did. There was a time , up to the 70’s when there wasn’t a lot of difference between the parties but now it’s a choice between socialism and freedom.I’m against everything the dems are for and I pray to God that the current dem regime will never succeed.

  6. RD Scott

    If she wasn’t so pathetic and dangerous, she’d be hilarious. This skank/cretin is an embarrassment to the USA. As a freshman congressperson she’s already attempted to ditch the Constitution, Bill of Rights and USC in favor of her “touchy/feely” form of governance.

    But one should really wonder about her intellectual acumen. She’s repeatedly ranted about the “three chambers of goverment, the president, the house and the senate”, and she’s given us a new book to live by, the “Green New Deal”…. I could go on and on and on.

    Every time she opens her vile mouth she’s either lying or lying. You can’t tell one from the other!

  7. Gere Jay Minnick

    Quit giving Young Turks founder Cenk’s political mouthpiece a media platform to spew her misguided political agenda. She barely manages to fill her role for her constituents as it is, She is a charlatan in every regard, and this becomes clear every time a camera is near..

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